20 x 20

Things are happening in our community garden plot!

Probably the biggest surprise: the artichoke starts that nearly died when we first planted them out are looking like they might actually produce! Last year our artichoke plants at home in containers never produced any food, probably because we didn’t choose a sunny enough spot for them. Our new plan is to dig these up before winter and store them in the garage in pots. We’ll see.

We’ve got a ton of green tomatoes over there. FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED!

Corn. Probably not going to happen this year but the sight of it still makes us happy.

Soy, corn, and volunteer borage gone wild behind. Our borage makes our plot very popular with the bees.


nasturtiums and zucchini (and maybe some weeds)

Jess has some interesting plans for this calendula

Jess’ favorite gloves

the view from our neighbor’s plot

the food bank squash plot

So glad I finally hauled my camera over there on a day I wasn’t going to get covered in dirt.



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7 responses to “20 x 20

  1. The artichokes are beautiful! And, I love the sight of corn also–I have to plant some every year- even if it doesn’t do much. It screams summer-garden to me!

    • misterkrista

      I love the spiky craziness of artichokes, and they are one of my favorite things to eat. Even if these don’t end up edible, we improved upon last year.

      I totally agree with you on the corn.

  2. Emma

    Big plans for the calendula?! I have A. LOT. of calendula and could use some tips…

    • This is basically the whole blog entry I was going to post about it. Maybe I’ll just copy and paste when the time comes. I happen to have a perpetual supply of beeswax I’m trying to find uses for. I even bought a dehydrator for the calendula! Although I wanted a dehydrator for 1 million reasons, this was the tipping point – the calendula was too wet to dry in the normal fashion i dry flowers and herbs. I am harvesting and drying it, then hoping to make an oil infusion, and then work it into lip balm/salves a la the root simple people:
      grow calendula
      harvesting and drying
      Make oil infusion with calendula
      turn the oil into lip balm or salve

      Those root simple people know all about calendula. They have tips.

  3. Geraldine

    I have dreams of a giant calendula patch. I planted some this year but too late; I’m not sure if it’s going to flower. I hope it does! I love the artichokes – beautiful!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the picture of the patch from your neighboors patch… The one with the Hat on the tall wooden post.

    We only had luck with the tomatoes this year but you obviously have a much wider variety – Good Luck!

    • misterkrista

      That guy has the cutest plot with all kinds of raised beds full of veg and flowers, and always has that hat there. It’s pretty adorable.

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