You can reach us via email at mrsandmrsthrift@gmail.com.

We started this blog in the summer of 2008 mostly for family and friends after we surprised them by running off to Canada to elope. Then we did our best to allow them to keep tabs on our 4,000+ mile road trip honeymoon. Since then we’ve each tried to blog more in this public space than our old friends-only online journals. We talk about being a couple married ladies raising a teenage boy, our crazy blended Brady Bunch family of pets, buying our first home, gardening, cooking badass vegetarian food, and so on and so forth.

In January of 2011, we challenged ourselves to eat on $5/person/day without resorting to the conventional “cheap food” traps, like ramen or 99 cent fast food meals. We made a bunch of delicious, cheap, relatively healthy food and tracked every penny. You can see all of the posts related to this project here.


KRISTA (on our honeymoon in Arizona)

JESS (on our honeymoon in West Virginia)

LEVI (wearing his old Jambi t-shirt)

Okay, LEVI is actually taller than us both and in high school. Pictured here on our 2010 spring trip to NYC.

CASH, our needy and cold Italian Greyhound. He loves us, but he’d rather live near the equator.

CLEMENTINE, our “watch out or she’ll attempt accidental suicide by chocolate” Chihuahua. Cutest dog in the PNW.

JIMMY RABIES, our handsome tuxedo cat. He takes no shit, so watch out or he’ll pee on your bed.

ELSA, our adorable little Bengal. She’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, and it is endlessly amusing.

One of now two hives. We never did quite settle on names.

Pepper Walker, our barred Plymouth rock.

Ramona Rickettes. Intended to be a welsummer but we think we got a speckled sussex.

Lenora Frigid, our curious white leghorn.

Cry-Baby Walker, our buff orpington.

And last but not least, little Hatchet-Face, our runty little Easter Egger who battled back to health from a mysterious illness.

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  1. Dan and Vannessa

    Congratulations!!! If we don’t see you before October, we’ll see you for the party :)


    Dan and Vannessa

  2. Janna Wohlleben

    Hi Krista,

    My sister and I were hoping to find you. We wanted to see Levi all grown up. I can’t believe he’s 13 now. I would like to send you some pics of Isaiah & Julia.

    Congrats on the wedding and I’m jealous of your garden. I just put in a small one this year and I love it.

  3. Cupcake Royale


    I’m writing on behalf of Cupcake Royale here in Seattle and I was hoping we could use your photo from your 27th birthday party in an article being published about us. It’s such a fun, awesome photo and I feel like it really represents the spirit of our company! Would you be ok with that? We would give you full credit on the photo.

    Many thanks!!!

    Valerie Croley
    Cupcake Royale – Ballard

  4. Just came across your blog while getting my own set up (fogcitybees.com). You gals are inspirational for a new beekeeper!

    • jess s

      Hey, we have the same hive! We’re brand-new beekeepers too, actually I think you are a few weeks ahead of us since your season starts earlier. We can learn together. Are you afraid of accidentally squashing your queen and killing the whole hive? it’s my worst nightmare!

      • Afraid doesn’t begin to describe it. Now my wife and I have got 10,000+ bees to worry about, on top of our 4 kids…
        Our hive is on Day 26. Yours?

  5. jess s

    Our hive is on Day 12. Egads! 12 days already! How old are your kids? Are they very involved in the hive? Do you plan for them to be? I think we need to get protective gear asap for our guy, he can’t stay away. He’s taken on the responsibility of feeding the sugar syrup when we’re too busy.

  6. I am amazed (and slightly jeal…OK, LOTS jealous) at how your fabulous pictures & blog writings. And of the the yummy sustainable foods! And bees! And chickens!
    Thank you for sharing y’all’s bounty!

  7. Margie

    Love, love, love your blog. You sound like the soul sisters of my daughter… chickens, bees, cats, food etc. Check out your alter ego…. pickmeyard.wordpress.com

  8. Holly

    What a great page of pets – ha !

  9. What a gorgeous family – I think the chickens are outnumbering the rest of you though!

  10. I love your blog soooo much! Definitely following you lovely ladies :D

  11. Great idea, I can’t seem to spend that much AND eat well.

  12. naveedashaikh

    Perhaps, wondering took me to call both of your brave ladies. You both actually eloped? Sounds like material of a movie.

    May you both have a peaceful and pleasant life with your sun (son). :)

  13. hi – we like your blog! We are running a couple of blogs which are very new about being lesbians and trying to conceive in Bangkok. One of us is a rather brilliant Chef too.

  14. Ran across your blog today on Food Press. Love it! Can’t wait to sit down tonight when I have a little more time and read all through your $5 a day adventure! Thanks for a great blog!

  15. Hi Krista and Jess. I want to get in touch with you re: re-posting the tomato tart recipe. I’ve got the post drafted, give you and Lebovitz plenty of credit, have the painting almost finished, put a link up to your site, but couldn’t figure out how to contact you for permission. Help, please. Thanks, Sharyn.

    • Hi Sharyn! Thanks for the comment. I can’t wait to read your blog post. It’s perfectly fine; consider this our permission.

      I guess we need to add some contact information on ye olde blog.

  16. Got it. Thanks. I’ll post it tomorrow (I need daylight to photograph the painting). I’m really pleased to have gotten the recipe and permission. — Sharyn

  17. Oops, Ladies. Trying to get in touch with you again: have you all received a Liebster Blog Award? Do you have fewer than 200 subscribers? If you haven’t received one and are under 200 I would be happy to nominate you for this award (I just received a nomination myself). Let me know. Cheers! Sharyn

  18. I most certainly hope that you don’t mind but I have awarded you the Liebster Blog nomination.
    I wanted you to know that I look forward to reading your blog and I wanted other people to see your words, too.


  19. Hi, fellow Oly foodies! Looks like you’ve been nominated for some bloggy awards before. I’m adding to the list! I’ve included your blog in my picks for The Versatile Blogger Award, a fun way to call attention to the beautiful work you’re doing.
    Happy holidays!

  20. I have an Iggy and will never go back to big dogs! I love your entire menagerie, I’m sure life is never dull :)

    Like Cash, Yesterday loves me but she can’t figure out why I chose to live in Halifax. I’m never taking her farther south than Pennsylvania because she’ll refuse to come home!

    • Ha, I love that your iggy’s name is Yesterday. That’s cute! I don’t plan on every telling Cash that it’s warm in more southerly regions. He would never stop crying.

  21. Love your $5/Person/Day Project!!! I am always looking for ways to cut down my grocery bill, not to mention come up with some new ideas on what to make for each meal (as I am certainly not the best cook in the world-I can admit to that:) Thank you for sharing:) Looking forward to following your blog!!

  22. Love those chickens? And a most handsome son, too.

  23. You two have such an incredible and interesting journey, I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Congrats on all of the above. I also love the ‘Cry Baby’ themed names goin’ on ;) I look forward to exploring and following you…especially your vegetarian dishes!

  24. thegardenfaerie

    I love the photos of the chickens. So awesome!

  25. Hi Krista and Jess! I nominated your awesome blog for the Liebster Award! Congrats! Hi Suki! Just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Although you might already have more than 200 followers…oh well! Congrats! http://tinykitchenstories.com/2012/04/09/stop-you-guys-are-spoiling-me/

  26. I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. It seems to be the equivalent of a chain letter for blogging, but it seemed fun too. You can see details here: http://emilyjanuary.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/the-versatile-blogger-award/
    I love your blog!

  27. Hey girls! I can see you’ve been nominated already for the Versatile Blogger Award, but consider yourself nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award as well. Keep up what you’re doing here. You’ve got a loyal follower in me, for sure! :)

  28. Just discovered your blog. What gorgeous pictures you (one of you? both of you?) take.

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