hurray for the first tomato!

Growing tomatoes in the northwest is always cause for celebration. This year, with a record-breaking wet spring and a chilly start to summer, we decided to really celebrate our first ripe tomato.

And we literally only have one ripe tomato at this point. I hope to have a lot more, but this good-sized, bright yellow Limmony was the first to cross the finish line.

To really do it justice, I made a balsamic reduction, bought some smoked mozzarella, and harvested some basil to go on top. Now I really hope we get a lot more tomatoes. We found a little blossom end rot in the community garden that we’re trying to nip in the bud. It’s important to celebrate the small successes!


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8 responses to “hurray for the first tomato!

  1. Last year my Seattlite Papa was afraid all his tomatoes, which hadn’t produced all summer, would ripen while he was gone in SEPTEMBER. True fact: They didn’t ripen until he returned. In October. Say what?

    • misterkrista

      That would be so sad to miss out on all the tomatoes. That happened to us with an entire crop of broccoli once. Went out of town just for the weekend and found it had all bolted while we were gone. A lot less upsetting than tomatoes, though. They are my very favorite thing to grow.

      • A friend just asked me what I plan to do with my futurebees and futurechickens when I go on vacation. I look forward to hearing your response either in a blog post or a comment. Because srsly, that’s gotta be trubs. Catsitters are hard enough to get!

        • misterkrista

          Well, our dogs are actually our biggest vacation pain in the ass. Unless you’re going out of town for an extended period of time, the bees probably won’t need anything. But when you keep bees you have to become part of a community. Jess is in the Olympia Beekeeper’s Association which has really made things possible. I’m not sure how easily we would have even gotten bees without being able to order the bees through them and learning from people who have been doing it forever. Jess even has a beekeeping blogger friend who has helped her out a lot. So if we were gone so long the bees needed checked on, there are a few people she could ask to stop by.

          And we have already worked out a deal with the neighbors to chicken sit for each other when we are out of town. We have a few other chicken keeping friends who would probably back-up.

          Way easier than filling out the forms and paying for the kennel for the dogs!

  2. Beautiful tomato. And it’s bright yellow? Must be very healthy coz you get it fresh from your own garden. Enjoy it!

  3. Ray

    Oh, I am so jealous. Oklahoma was so hot this year that even with a dozen plants, we’ve only had a handful of the beautiful fruits. I mean, it was so hot that when the blossoms showed their pretty faces, the heat immediately killed them. Really. So, enjoy some tomatoes for me, for all of OK.

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