In January 2011 we challenged ourselves to eat for $5 per-person/per-day, inspired by a food budget we helped our son create for his 9th grade health class. You might be thinking that sounds pretty simple since a package of ramen is 25¢, but our plan was to try to eat healthy for $5 each. To read the introductory post, go here.

You can access each day’s post below:

day one

day two

day three

day four

day five

day six

day seven

day eight

day nine

day ten

day eleven

day twelve

day thirteen

day fourteen

day fifteen

day sixteen

day seventeen

day eighteen

day nineteen

day twenty

day twenty-one

day twenty-two

day twenty-three

day twenty-four

day twenty-five

day twenty-six

day twenty-seven

day twenty-eight

day twenty-nine

day thirty

4 responses to “$5/person/day

  1. The one great thing is that you will never go bored, with all the great choices;)

  2. Love all your ideas … but for a large family like mine $5 per person/per day would equal out to over $1000 per month in the food budget … that is too much! I am not exactly sure what we spend, I might try to keep track and see … interesting!

  3. I love this! Your ideas are kid-friendly enough for our toddler and preschooler! I appreciate your help!

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