Our First Thanksgiving

Our first Thanksgiving together as a little family was delightful. Yes, I know I am posting about it a month late, but we have been busy with holiday cheer, seventh grade, and various projects. Krista had to work on t-giving, so we stayed home and cooked our brains out, ate really early, and then sat around in a tofurkey coma for the evening. Here’s a mosaic picture of our Thanksgiving food.

top LtoR S’mlove chocolate pie; clementines, pickles, and olives; Our delicious basted and roasted Tofurkey
middle LtoR Chicken-fried seitan; biscuits in a basket; roasted green beans
bottom LtoR Candied yams; mimosas for the mamas; Apple Stuffing!

Yes, everything was entirely deliciously finger-licking vegan! Hope your Thanksgiving was good, too.


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2 responses to “Our First Thanksgiving

  1. teambaby

    Yum, looks awesome! My family had smlove pie and tofurkey at our Thanksgiving too! Do you have a recipe for chicken-fried seitan? One of our favorite recipes is Southern Fried Tofu from Vegan Vittles (a really great cookbook with several essential recipes).

    Nice blog–I just found it but will be adding to my Google reader.

  2. jess and krista

    Thanks! We had a good time cooking it all. There wasn’t a real recipe for the chicken-fried seitan. It turned out amazing, though, the best we ever made it. We dredge the seitan in a soy-buttermilk, then through a flour/cornmeal/spices mixture, and then fried in canola oil. There was not really a secret, but it turned out really well.

    I just discovered vegan vittles, but I haven’t gotten to that recipe yet. Everything we have made from that book has been awesome.

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