Cafe Flora Recipes

Krista has a cookbook from Cafe Flora in Seattle. Cafe Flora is a vegetarian restaurant known for their use of local, organic and sustainable produce and herbs. Often, the servers can tell you the names of the farms that produced the bounty on your table. Delicious!

Ocean Chowder/Chow-dah
Since my family visited & we spent so much time talking about clam chowder, Krista & I have been craving a good vegan chowder. We used the Cafe Flora “ocean chowder,” which depends on seaweed for it’s “oceany” flavor, and added some fake meat. Their recipe is veggies-only, not fake meat. Cafe Flora is vegetarian, but not entirely vegan, so we had to get a little creative with the Ocean Chowder recipe. The recipe calls for heavy cream, which is difficult to replicate with soy milk or even soy creamer. Krista roasted raw cashews and pureed them with boiling water in a blender with some lemon juice. This produced a thick, smooth, delicious cashew cream that we substituted for heavy cream with very hearty and delicious results. We ate it with a crusty, multigrain home-made garlic bread. The garlic bread is not pictured, but is legendary.

Behold, Vanilla Lavender Waffles!
I LOVE cooking with lavender. If you haven’t had my lavender lemon cookies, remind me to make them for you sometime. This recipe was vegan straight out of the book, with egg replacer powder used instead of eggs. I generally don’t like egg replacer, since it makes some baked goods taste chalky. In waffles, though, egg replacer works pretty well. We served these waffles with plain syrup, but I wish I had the foresight to make a blackberry or blueberry syrup for them. They were delicious with plain syrup, but the fruitiness would have added a level of ridiculousness I could handle. They are very, very flowery. The vanilla flavor is subtle. The waffle batter turned out perfectly crisp and buttery. I would definitely add these to our regular waffle rotation (alongside the gluten-free pumpkin waffles Krista did two weeks ago for Halloween, and the very very apple-filled spiced waffles I made last weekend).


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