Are you ready for Pi Day?

We’ve got a house with both nerds and people of Irish ancestry, so I figure we need to celebrate Pi Day and St. Patrick’s Day this week. I have to admit, I’m most excited about eating pie. I may be working 60+ hours this week, but darnit, I’m going to make some pie. What kind of pie will you be eating?

Here’s a round-up of pie recipes I’m looking at:

Photo via CHOW

Photo via Epicurious

Photo via Serious Eats

Go forth and make pie!


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15 responses to “Are you ready for Pi Day?

  1. I’ve been dreaming about banoffee pie recently! Does anyone have a good vegan/dairy-free version of it?

    And you forgot strawberry-rhubarb pie, one of my favorites. And remember people—the most important thing about pie is the crust! Use vodka. Ask me why. :)

  2. After reading this post ALL I can THINK ABOUT IS PIE – so dangerous but oh so good too – ha!!! Thanks for sharing and making my mouth watering!

  3. Your Mother (-in-law)

    Hello Famous Loved Ones,

    Shoo-Fly pie is DISGUSTING.

    A 3-decade Pennsylvania native who has eaten more Shoo-Fly pie than you wanna know about.

  4. What a lovely list of pies. I’m off to check out the buttermilk lemon chess, the maple sugar and the mocha pie with coffee whipped cream.

    • misterkrista

      If you make any of them, let us know how they turn out! I started the orange meringue tonight but I’d really like to try that lemon chess!

  5. FogCityBees

    We started a day early: Mexican chocolate and pecan pie; apple chai spice pie…

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