meringue practice

I will let you in on a little secret: everything we make isn’t food blog worthy. Okay, you probably already knew that. It can be hard to tell, since there are not a lot of failure photos. For example, the orange meringue pie we made for Pi Day? Delicious. But the meringue was a total failure. It turned into more of a seven minute frosting. It tasted great, but it wasn’t a gorgeous fluffy meringue with perfectly golden peaks. If there is anything I have an excess of around here, it is eggs. So I need to practice my meringue. What better place to start than meringue cookies?


This attempt was this recipe from Joy of Baking, only substituting vanilla bean for extract.



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9 responses to “meringue practice

  1. Somer

    So Beautiful! I miss meringue since going vegan! I never did perfect pavlova or any other meringue dessert though. I think I was always in too much of a hurry and opened the oven too soon :/ I think I also went through a lot of electric beater burn out trying to get it right!

    If only everyone was as lucky as you guys are to have such sweet and loved chickens so that they could get organic eggs!

    • Somer

      Oh, and a good portion of what I make isn’t food blog worthy either! Too much PB&J going on around here!

    • misterkrista

      Getting chickens has really been such a wonderful experience. Well, except having them pass away sometimes. It is great to know we treat them well and feed them organic and to have home grown protein!

      • Somer

        I would love to have chickens! Would have to give their eggs to neighbors though ;) Not really practical for our family since our Portuguese Water Dog, Lucky, would likely eat them. One of our neighbors down the road has a few and my kids always want to go and pet/feed them. So cute. Yours really are lovely. Keep the photos coming!

  2. Me too – though 95% of the stuff I cook does end up being blogged, some of it is a little bit of a disaster :D. That picture looks absolutely incredible though, I had to comment to say that.

    • misterkrista

      Thank you! They really turn out gorgeous when you take the time to pipe them. I hope to make more colorful ones the next time I have time!

  3. Sara

    These are beautiful! I love meringue cookies so much. Instant coffee powder makes me grossed out big time but one good use for it is coffee flavored meringue cookies. Best snack ever!

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