day twenty-three

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $4.87 yesterday, January 24, 2011.


crustless broccoli-cheddar quiche $0.79


butternut black bean chili $0.91
quinoa skillet bread $0.34


small artichoke $1.00
1 tablespoon butter $0.08
breakfast burrito $1.25


lowfat organic vanilla yogurt with blueberries $0.50

total $4.87

Short and sweet ‘cos I got stuck at work for overtime and I am practically unconscious. Jess scored us $1 artichokes at Produce Happy Hour. Oh boy, artichokes!

Levi and Jess had never actually eaten anything but the hearts. None of us had ever prepared them. Jess consulted the internet and they turned out great!

And dinner was a “clean the fridge” meal plan. We had a lot of random stuff to use up. Breakfast burritos were the pretty delicious result of leftover tortillas, veggie sausage, onion, and egg. No complaints here.

We’re starting to realize we are getting down to the end of our 30 days here. We’ll see what we can come up with in our last week of $5 a day.

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