trial tracking

It’s finally Tuesday! You may be sad that your long holiday weekend has come to an end, but my weekend has just begun. Your weekend being over means that the Prop 8 trial is back on. I can now resume refreshing the Prop 8 Trial Tracker every ten minutes. While the trial and its outcome are serious business, those Prop 8 supporters are good for some laughs. Who knew homophobia could be so funny? Sure, it might be better live on TV or YouTube, but since they did everything they could to keep this trial top secret, we will have to settle for reading the live blog account of what is going on.

Oh, and allegedly there is now a Shiba Inu Five puppy cam, featuring the new litter from the mom of the Shiba Inu Six. I haven’t been able to catch any live puppy action yet.



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3 responses to “trial tracking

  1. Aha, you’re refreshing it every 10 minutes too? It’s been amazing me to see how many other people seem to be able to go on with their lives and ignore this. Including my own fiancee!

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