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Chicken TV

Before we got our chickens, Jess used to talk about how we would spend so much time in our backyard watching “chicken TV.” I was more excited about getting the chickens for backyard breakfast production, and I couldn’t quite picture what she was talking about. As soon as our tiny little chicks arrived in the mail, I got it. We would pull up a chair to their brooder and watch. And these days if you’re having a bad day, the cure is often to go outside and let the chickens out to explore the yard. It always seems to cheer us up. They’re just that funny.

Here’s Cry-Baby and Pepper, hunkered down in the dirt next to some rhubarb, making themselves at home.

This blur of feathers is about what it looks like when they dust bathe. Sometimes they flop down in the dirt and roll around and you can’t see a head or tail – just a big ball of feathers. But you don’t have to imagine it, today we have video!

Be sure to watch if you want an update on Hatchet-Face, the little runt we thought wasn’t going to survive in the early days. She makes her presence known at about the 1:20 mark. Ramona also makes a couple cameo appearances.

And that hum of traffic you hear is Interstate 5. We don’t even really notice it when we’re back there.


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