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Home again, home again

We are back from Disneyland, and have the blisters to prove it. With one adult and a teenager plus a little determination, it turns out you can go on a lot of rides. Whoa. And I am happy to report that the healthy vegetarian food options have improved significantly. The vegetarian gumbo lived up to the hype, and I also fell in love with the tofu rice bowls in the California Adventure park. I only took my little point & shoot and had limited battery time for pictures on my phone, and I decided not to focus too much on photography. But I didn’t come back totally empty-handed.

I <3 Jet Blue.

gumbo in a breadbowl

One of our first rides: The Haunted Mansion!

It’s a Small World after all

This random, tiny praying mantis that landed on me was just a bonus, I think.

We made sure to watch Captain EO twice.

Sadly the Matterhorn was closed for repairs.

The tea cups were one of our absolute favorites.


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I’m going to Disneyland!

Levi & I are starting to prepare for what I have dubbed “Mommy & Me Spring Break 2012.” We have traveled a bit, but we have never done a trip, just the two of us. Jess isn’t a big fan of roller coasters or Disney, so she is sitting this one out. I am so excited, we are going to Disneyland!

Our last visit was 10 years ago, and a lot has changed. I hear they have apps to check the waits for different rides. We need your help! What else has changed? We will be there for 3 solid days with a pass for both parks and already have airfare and a hotel adjacent to the park. So tell us… what cannot be missed? What should we take? How can we keep our cell phones from getting soaked? Where can we get decent vegetarian food? I’m hoping healthy food options have improved a little since our last visit.

Comment with lots of advice, please!


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catching up: Astoria, Oregon in pictures

Sometimes I’m amazed at all we are able to accomplish, and other times our hectic pace catches up to us. It ain’t easy working more than forty hours a week, parenting, cooking, cleaning, keeping up with animals and hobbies, and squeezing in every last bit of fun we can. And that is the short version of the list. One can only use so many commas. Lately what has suffered most seems to be the cleaning and blogging. We’ve been running all around the Pacific Northwest in search of fun on our weekends as my shift-worker schedule is about to start overlapping the traditional Saturday-Sunday weekend for a awhile. I have one more Sunday off, and then I imagine we will do a lot more staying home, cleaning, cooking, and baking. I think our dear readers can look forward to a lot of posts about soup and baked goods in the near future.

Until then, I wanted to share some photo highlights from our recent weekend in Astoria. We already told you about Talking Tombstones, but we didn’t tell you about a late night walk in the woods at Fort Clatsop, Jess performing a quickie wedding ceremony for our friends on the beach next to the Peter Iredale Shipwreck, amazing beers at Rogue, finally climbing the Astoria Column, and so much more.

These witches were crashed into light poles all over downtown Astoria

from piers 39 & 17 respectively

If you ever have the chance, stop at a Rogue location. We didn’t try the bacon maple as it actually contains bacon, but we tried just about everything else.

the quickie ceremony

Catching the sunset on the beach at Fort Stevens

A ranger led walk in the woods in the dark at the Lewis & Clark Visitor Center at Fort Clatsop.

A foggy view atop the Astoria Column

I was told that bird was a crane but I’m not so sure. Look at it large and tell me.

We caught the last trolley of the day

Since we were the only people on board, we got a personalized tour from the best conductors/tour guides ever.

xo Krista


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Halloween in Astoria

We just got home from an incredible weekend away in Astoria, Oregon. I swear, everytime we go there I fall in love with that place a little more. One of the highlights was Talking Tombstones, an event put on for the last 8 years by the Clatsop County Historical Society. We showed up at the Astoria Pioneer Cemetery near Coxcomb Hill to check it out.

First we met the ghost of Susan Pitkin. She cried real tears as she told the tragic tale of becoming the town recluse after two of her sons drowned in the Columbia River.

The stories didn’t get any happier as we met Lillian Hendrickson, who talked of being the first woman to work at the cannery only to be shot to death at age 17 by a guy she turned down.

Laura Ferrell sat next to her family plot and talked of the booming 1870s in Astoria, losing her first husband to an accidental shooting, three marriages, fifteen pregnancies, and thirteen kids.

I had no idea that cable TV was invented in Astoria, but the ghost of Ed Parsons and his wife, Grace, showed us how he put an antenna on the top of the Astoria Hotel and ran coaxial cable to his home. Soon after he had to set up the first cable TV system to keep all his neighbors out of his living room.

Henry Sidlinger seemed like a happy fella and talked of being a tinsmith, but he still holds a grudge against the newspaper for making it sounds like he had been hiding his past and ended his own life.

A young Emma Burke died alongside her father by a fallen tree.

The last three ghosts’ stories managed to tie together. There was Gabriel Franchère, who came to Astoria with John Jacob Astor’s Pacific Fur Company.

Donald McTavish also worked in the fur trade, and brought the first European woman to Oregon, Jane Barnes. He complained of his remains and tombstone being moved too many times, though apparently the tombstone ended up in a museum downtown.

Jane Barnes became known as the “First Lady of Astoria”. Though she was brought by McTavish for companionship, she ended up on the arm of another sometime during the 13 month journey. Eventually both men died on another boat when it capsized.

We kept our distance from the other spirit we saw lurking around.

Happy Halloween, y’all!


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Seattle community garden with a side of Americana

While we were wandering around Seattle in search of a little roadside Americana, we found two of our favorite things together in one place – a community garden with a backdrop of a roadside relic that has been refurbished.

We went to Oxbow Park to see the old Hat ‘n’ Boots that used to be part of a Western-themed gas station built in the 1950s. I was struck by the beauty of plants growing with the towering hat and boots nearby.

I would love to have something like this around here, but I don’t envy the wait-lists and smaller plot sizes Seattle community gardeners must face.

tomatoes, hat, boots

I also saw my very first artichoke flower.

Kind of a shame not to eat something so delicious, but at least this honey bee got a crack at it.

We soaked up the sun.

I turned 35 this weekend, and can’t recall ever having a birthday so hot. Over 90 degrees in the northwest in September. We’re enjoying it while we can! For more photos from our visit to Oxbow Park, click here.

– Krista


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I’ve had regular people weekends off all summer, but I’ve now reached the part of my schedule where work overlaps the Saturday/Sunday weekends that Jess has off. Boo. We debated what to do with my last Sunday off. Tackle a project around the house? Do something really fun? We opted for the latter, and took a quickie road trip for the day.

Satsop Nuclear Power Plant, Satsop.

Don’t worry, moms, it was abandoned before it was ever used.

Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park, Aberdeen

I remarked on how the neighbors must hate having the park there, but turns out one of them made it happen.

Zelasko Park, Aberdeen

Chainsaw carvings and one of them a lumberjack? This combines some of my favorite Pacific-Northwesty things. We had to stop. The carvings have plaques that say “Louis Benanto Jr. 1971.” I couldn’t find a lot of information about them or the park online.

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

I cannot say enough good things about this gorgeous beach.

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Where we saw lots of moss, elk, slugs, and billions of mosquitos.

What a spectacular day. Staycation for the win.

Want to see more photos? Yes, there are more. Full Flickr set here.


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