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Tacoma Soup Picnic

We are in love with a Tacoma soup counter called Infinite Soups. It’s such good food, it’s hard not to lick the last traces of soup from the container. I imagine their soup is the perfect lunch for the downtown Tacoma worker. Since we don’t live or work close enough, we use every visit to Tacoma as an excuse to pick up some soup.

Since there is no seating, we use any dry day in Tacoma as an excuse for a soup picnic. Luckily, Wright Park is just up the street.

chipotle cream

They post their daily soup picks on Facebook (in creamy and non-creamy options that contain meat as well as vegetarian and vegan). There are so many choices it can be hard to choose, but they are generous with the samples.

We have never sampled a flavor we didn’t like.

potato green chile

Wright Park has been around since 1890.

white birch

It’s full of some of our favorite trees.

Late fall means naked trees showing off their woody skeletons, or in this case revealing giant seed pods, perhaps?

No 19th century park is complete without lions.

Or cannons.

strawberry rum ball & valhalla brownie

And if you need dessert, Corina Bakery is just around the corner.


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a little bit of Tacoma & Seattle street art

Since we would travel quite a distance to see some good bigfoot art, it seemed poetic that we took a wrong turn when we were in Tacoma the other day and accidentally found him on M St. off South Tacoma Way.

Bigfoot really only makes a cameo appearance in this mural. The real stars are the goats. Goats in neck ties. Goats playing guitar.

Goats pedaling hard up the hill. I love the stenciled background patterns that were used.

And goats reading The News Tribune.

Turns out this mural on South M Street is part of something called the Tacoma Community Based Mural Program. They are letting artists go to town on walls that are frequently tagged. This particular mural was inspired by the working goats who helped clean up Billy Goat Hill. Goats rule. Just don’t tell Jess because I’ve said “no” to goats in our little backyard. Sure, someday if we live on a bigger piece of land I’ll consider it. For now, we have our hands full.

The goat mural was just the beginning of incredible art we came across that day. There was the wall of killer confections at the CakeSpy shop in Seattle.

Well, of course the entire store was full of wonderful things. And then nearby on Pine St. we found this beauty:

Click here to see it big.

Don’t miss the chicken.

These artists are speaking our language, right?

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City of Destiny

We spent some time in Tacoma this weekend in an effort to escape the mountain of chores that pile up in a garden this time of year. Oh, I planted peas and watered the seedlings and turned the compost, but no one felt like building or shoveling. So, Tacoma: Procrastination via staycation.

We missed the movie we wanted to see at the Grand Cinema by just a few minutes, and the bakery we wanted to visit was closed due to the Sundayness. Tacoma thwarted our best intentions, but we had a little antique shopping and walking around downtown exploring alleys and taking photos of our own shadows.

Before I moved here, I didn’t know much about Tacoma. Maybe they had a big dome or something? What does anyone even know about Tacoma? It has an Aroma, I think? But I’ve grown to appreciate Tacoma as the most sizable city the shortest distance from Olympia. Just in case you need to see big old buildings to feel like the whole world isn’t a small town, which I occasionally need.

Krista loved this old, uninhabitable building on Broadway. I loved the Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle) next to the building. Those plants are native to Chile, but they are all over the PNW.

In Pittsburgh, part of what I loved about the city was the way that decay and neglect led to recolonization of concrete by hardy little plants, “weeds” and mosses. Tacoma has some lovely west coast examples of this phenomenon. Can you tell I got a haircut and lopped off 4 inches of hair? No? Really?

But it’s officially spring! The equinox has passed, and the sun is coming out!


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