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Plant Sale Season Begins

Last weekend we went to the Seattle Tilth Plant Sale – early edibles for early gardens. Since I’m woefully behind on my seed-starting this year, I needed this sale. I still have time to start my tomatoes, but my coles and alliums are long overdue. Since I am behind on everything right now, I was late enough to the plant sale to get my plants 50% off! Usually running behind schedule doesn’t help me, but this time it did.

I brought the muscles to carry our new plants. He was actually carrying everything at one point (two hardy kiwis, black huckleberries, and a tray of herbs & veggies). I started to get worried about the plants and relieved him of some of his obligations. He was equitably compensated with organic soda. Can you tell he was so happy to be at the plant sale?

And since we were in Seattle for just a minute, we stopped at Cafe Besalu in Ballard. I read about a cardamom pretzel on Grow & Resist and I literally could not stop obsessing over the idea of a cardamom pretzel. It was amazing. I would like to make them at home, but I have a hard time using that much butter in one recipe. Levi had an apple danish, but it disappeared before I could photograph it.

So, thanks to Seattle Tilth we have some new plants for the garden, we got to eat buttery bakery treats and we listened to several hours of audio book in the bright sunny Seattle weekend traffic. Not a bad way to start spring.


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