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carrot-nectarine smoothie

This is the week I discovered that a whole, perfectly ripe nectarine is a revelation in a smoothie. I’m also on a carrot juice bender, so this smoothie was inevitable.

Even the chickens are getting to enjoy all the carrot juice we have been drinking by gobbling up the leftover carrot pulp.

carrot-nectarine smoothie

per person:

one frozen banana, chopped
one ripe nectarine, halved and pitted, skins on
3/4 cup carrot juice
thin slices of peeled ginger, to taste

Blend until smooth.

If you are juicing carrots at home, you can juice the ginger with the carrots. Either way, just use a hint of ginger so it doesn’t overpower the nectarine and carrot flavors.


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the avocado banana smoothie

It’s obvious we love avocado around here. I’ve heard tales of delicious avocado smoothies and milkshakes. Apparently you can make a mean avocado milkshake combining avocado and sweetened condensed milk. The closest I’ve come to trying that is an avocado bubble tea. I wanted to try something a little healthier. I couldn’t find a recipe that sounded quite right, so I made up my own. Avocado, honey, and lime? Check, check, check. Get out your blender and give it a try.


Serves 3.

2 avocados $1.58
juice and zest of half a lime $0.25
2 bananas $0.50
3/4 cup plain low fat yogurt $0.30
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons milk of choice (we used non-dairy “coconut milk beverage”) $0.28
3 tablespoons honey $0.18

total $2.91 or $1.03 per serving

Put all ingredients in the blender, being sure to follow the avocado immediately with lime juice to prevent it from turning a hideous shade of brown. Blend until smooth. Add a little extra milk as needed to achieve the perfect smoothie consistency.


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day fourteen

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $4.56 yesterday, January 15, 2011.


whole grapefruit $0.25
baked eggs with grape tomatoes and feta $0.86
slice of toasted leftover sprouted bread (freebie)


chocolate peanut butter smoothie $0.86
whole grain pita $0.43
4 tablespoons hummus $0.24


4 butternut stuffed shells with tomato porcini sauce $1.28
honey roasted carrots $0.34


half an organic packaged iced mocha from Grocery Outlet $0.30

total $4.56

I know I said we would be eating more snacks, but we had super filling meals today and used more of our budget than we have in awhile. Here’s the cost breakdown for dinner:

1/2 medium (2 pound) butternut squash $0.53
1 tablespoon olive oil $0.13
2 pounds part-skim ricotta $3.99
2 eggs $0.34
1/4 bunch Italian parsley $0.25
3 cloves garlic $0.03
4 ounces reduced fat feta $1.02
12 ounces jumbo pasta shells (about 36 shells) $2.49
2 cups tomato porcini sauce $2.74

We got 9 servings of 4 stuffed shells each.

Total cost $11.52, or $1.28 per serving.

The recipe and cost for the chocolate peanut butter smoothies is posted separately. Levi and Jess both declared me a genius for the smoothies. It’s also been dubbed the “Reese’s peanut butter cup of smoothies.” I guess I haven’t made them in awhile. And roasting carrots in a little honey and olive oil is the next big thing in this house. We are obsessed.

Expect a few more grapefruit glamour shots, because we went shopping today and they are still 4 for a dollar.

Oh, and we’re officially out of our free coffee. Coffee calculations to coming soon.


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chocolate peanut butter smoothies

The milkshake of smoothies. A meal in a glass. Have it for breakfast, although it’s sweet enough for dessert.

Per person, throw the following in your blender:

1 fresh banana $0.25
1 frozen ripe banana, chopped $0.25
1 tablespoon organic peanut butter $0.11
1-1/2 tablespoons cocoa $0.12
1/2 cup almond milk $0.13

total: $0.86

Full nutrtion information here, calculated via sparkpeople.com recipe calculator.


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day eight

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $4.57 yesterday, January 9, 2011.


whole grapefruit $0.50
multi-grain bagel $0.47
3 tablespoons green onion cream cheese $0.24
6 ounces stove top espresso with 1/3 cup frothed soy milk $0.07 (still using free coffee beans)


chocolate blueberry smoothie with hemp protein $0.83


baked yam $0.53
honey baked lentils $0.32
honey roasted organic carrots $0.19
1-1/2 tablespoons sour cream $0.09


bottle of beer $1.33 (Levi is at his dad’s today, so sadly he didn’t get one)

total $4.57

Perhaps we’re getting a little cocky, having a beer on $5 a day. We were running around shopping for four days worth of food as we head into the work week and didn’t have time for any snacks. We did have a brief field trip to our friend’s house for some free eggs and a visit to the ladies who laid them.

See the ladies in action, complete with a soundtrack thanks to Jess.

We got 3 dozen eggs since our friend is fostering some homeless hens and has an abundance. Hooray! We’ll probably still count the co-op price for eggs since they’re so cheap and to keep our totals relevant to people who don’t have the hook-up. It’s sure nice to have some local food in the mix.

And if you’re wondering whether we are really hemp protein kind of gals, we’re not. We don’t really buy powdered food, and it’s not really a bargain food. We have a stock pile of free samples from festivals and things we go to, and decided to throw it into our smoothie. We couldn’t taste it at all, so I guess it was pretty good.

Man, have I missed smoothies with all this cold weather. Here’s the recipe, which benefits in price from the local, organic blueberries we painstakingly picked at a you-pick farm this summer for $2.25 a pound:


1 banana $0.25
1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries $0.28
1 tablespoon cocoa $0.08
1 cup plain soy milk $0.22
1/2 a free hemp protein packet (optional)

Instructions: blend thoroughly. You can increase the cocoa a bit for a little more chocolate. The banana and blueberries provide plenty of sweet.

And the lentil recipe was recommended by our friend Lisa. We decided to serve it over a baked yam, which didn’t make for the prettiest dinner, but it sure was good. Here’s the cost breakdown:


1 cup lentils $1.23
2 cups water
2 cloves minced garlic $0.02
2 teaspoons ground or fresh ginger (we used leftover fresh, unknown cost)
2 tablespoons olive oil $0.26
2 tablespoons tamari or soy sauce $0.06
2 tablespoons honey $0.12
1 small onion, chopped $0.20
salt and pepper to taste

$1.89 total
6 servings = $0.32 per serving

You just combine the ingredients and bake at 350 degrees for an hour. Lentils definitely win in terms of easy and cheap food. They were really cheap despite the fact that we were somehow charged more than the bulk bin was marked. I’m not too concerned, though, because as we finished up our shopping we turned to each other wide-eyed at how much less we are spending on four days worth of food.

I can’t wait to cook some of the new recipes we’re going to try this week!


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