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I’ve had regular people weekends off all summer, but I’ve now reached the part of my schedule where work overlaps the Saturday/Sunday weekends that Jess has off. Boo. We debated what to do with my last Sunday off. Tackle a project around the house? Do something really fun? We opted for the latter, and took a quickie road trip for the day.

Satsop Nuclear Power Plant, Satsop.

Don’t worry, moms, it was abandoned before it was ever used.

Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park, Aberdeen

I remarked on how the neighbors must hate having the park there, but turns out one of them made it happen.

Zelasko Park, Aberdeen

Chainsaw carvings and one of them a lumberjack? This combines some of my favorite Pacific-Northwesty things. We had to stop. The carvings have plaques that say “Louis Benanto Jr. 1971.” I couldn’t find a lot of information about them or the park online.

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

I cannot say enough good things about this gorgeous beach.

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Where we saw lots of moss, elk, slugs, and billions of mosquitos.

What a spectacular day. Staycation for the win.

Want to see more photos? Yes, there are more. Full Flickr set here.


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Peppery fresh bites

Finally, the clouds have parted and our garden has made a little food. This is an immature french breakfast radish, plucked prematurely and shared, bite for bite by Levi and I. (Krista was at work, we don’t habitually exclude her from garden treats). It was a delicious radish, sharp and peppery and crunchy and cold like the exact soil temperature it came from.

Many of our radishes are suffering from severe slug damage. So are my artichokes, kale, brussels sprouts, basil, dahlias and peas. There are a lot of things I could be doing to deal with the slugs (beer traps, copper tape, sluggo, etc), but I am not doing anything to deal with my slugs besides murdering them when I see them. They are so many, and I am only one person and there are only so many hours in a day.

What do slugs love the most? Maybe I should plant a lot of that as a slug trap to keep them away from everything else.



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