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Levi is six feet tall, taller than his mom now. High school life suits him. Flannel shirt season suits him.

He’s reading The Count of Monte Cristo for school. It’s the first time he’s read a book for school that I haven’t read before. I hope the wikipedia entry is good so I can hold up my end of the conversation. I have an idea that we should make vegetarian monte cristo sandwiches when this 1500 page book is finally finished, but Levi says that monte cristo sandwiches are just too much. For those of you who have never had one, the monte cristo varies regionally but usually includes some sort of ham and turkey and swiss cheese on french toast bread. It is often accompanied by a side of jam, powdered sugar, clotted cream, yogurt, maple syrup or sweet mustard sauce. I heard people in NY actually eat it with thousand island dressing but that seems too gross to comprehend. No one in our family has ever eaten one, so we’re all hypothesizing about the ridiculousness. I think there is potential. The Chicago Diner serves a vegetarian (with a vegan option) monte cristo, and I fully believe that they wouldn’t serve it if it wasn’t delicious, so I think it could be great. It could be like Man versus Food, but Gay Vegetarians and a Teenage Son vs. Food. Or it could be disgusting.

We do love weird sandwiches around here lately. We like the peanut satay sandwich a lot, although I know it might be challenging to make if you live in England where they aren’t big on quality peanut butter. If you’re on this side of the ocean, however, you have no excuse not to make this… except extraordinary peanut allergies. This sandwich is magic.

I’m also completely obsessed with the grilled kimcheese sandwich that Krista discovered. It’s spicy. It’s cheesy. I never imagined such a simple, weird ingredient combo bringing so much joy to my face. I have dreams about this sandwich. I wish we ate it every week.

Martha Stewart had a crazy weird grilled cheese sandwich feature in her magazine last month, and I would like to cook straight through it except for the meaty options. I’m not sure what it is about the autumn leaves hitting the ground, but it makes me start to wonder if manchego is a good pairing for grilled pears or what would happen if Gruyère met pesto or arugula, but it happens. Please share your favorite weird/simple sandwiches with me.


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