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our fall tradition: the local cider mill

Every October we head over to nearby Lattin’s Country Cider Mill. There’s a pumpkin patch, an apple slingshot, tractor-pulled wagon rides, and all the adorable farm animals you can handle. The real reason we go (and the teenager still comes with us): fresh from the fryer apple fritters.

This year and last we ended up going on the weekend, which means a lot of patience and determination are required. People for miles around know about these fritters. First you wait in a long, slow line to pay for the fritters. Then you get a number and have to wait with a crowd of people until yours are ready and your number is called. We figured out a couple years ago how to pass the time: apple cider slushies!

Apple cider goodness in slushy form. Genius.

Levi & Jess saved their appetites and got smalls. I went for the large. No regrets!

The other way to pass time while waiting for your fritters is to watch them being made. It is mesmerizing. They have them already prepped, and then lower entire trays directly into the fryer. Then they stay nearby with what look like giant chopsticks to flip them over when the first side is golden brown. Once they are pulled out they dump them off the tray and literally pour a pitcher of glaze over them.

The glaze melts before your eyes and the gleaming apple fritters are ready to go. Once we have our bag of fritters in hand, we make a beeline to the nearest spot to sit outside and eat them while they are still nice and warm.

Levi took the first bite and declared that not only were they worth the wait, they would be worth 10 times that wait. Then he did the math and we decided maybe they wouldn’t be worth that long a wait, but they most certainly were worth the 30 or 40 minutes we waited and then some.

Warm and gooey sweetness with bits of fresh apple. There is nothing quite like it.

I have no idea how Levi made himself this short but I appreciated it.

There is so much to see and do. I’m so glad we were able to fit this into our busy weekend. A few more highlights:


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food happening in our yard

Time for an early September garden check in. Oh my god, can you believe it’s September?

Time to start plotting what to make out of these adorable sugar pumpkins!

We have a steady stream of patty pan right now.

Then we have this one patty pan that mysteriously turned mostly green. It’s from the same plant as the others.

There are one or two tomatoes ready everyday, but not a giant pile of them yet. Good thing we are ordering 30 or 40 pounds from a local organic farm to can so we can enjoy ours fresh.

These are possibly my favorite tomatoes – green zebras!

the mixed bed of green onions, leeks + peppers

We’ve got ground cherries in the front and backyard, and we’re starting to get a taste of them. I’ve got plans for them so I hope they ripen soon.

Our watermelons didn’t get planted out in time, and didn’t do so well when they were inside, but this little guy is still trying to make a watermelon. Aww.

This is not food, but the Japanese maple we planted out in July is thriving. This gives me hope for the dozen or so dwarf fruit trees we plan to attempt to plant in our yard soon.

What are you eating from your yard?


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