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day twenty-nine

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $4.78 yesterday, January 30, 2011.

Uh-oh, only one more day after this! Are you going to miss us?


8 ounces TJ’s organic plain yogurt $0.70
1/4 cup cocoa hazelnut granola $0.22
2/3 banana $0.17


tempeh & fried egg sandwich with sprouts & chipotle aioli $1.31
mineola $0.42


red bean chipotle burgers on multigrain buns $1.11
baked onion rings $0.85

total $4.78

Whoa, that cocoa hazelnut granola recipe rules! And bonus points for being cheap yet decadent. We wanted to make some homemade organic cane syrup, but it always seems to come down to time. Even though it was not advised, we subbed honey to keep things simple and it still tasted great. I was surprised this was so cheap, hazelnuts and all. We are keeping the serving size small to keep it healthy. If you’re curious about nutrition, Jess calculated the info.

Those burgers were pretty great, too. It is tough to find a good veggie burger recipe. We are trying not to get all of our protein from soy, and trying not to buy so much processed food. There is so much highly processed “health food” and vegetarian products on the market today. It’s great to have that option, but we’re trying to do better as much as we can. I used chickpea flour as my flour of choice for the recipe. They definitely tasted like bean burgers, but they were good, flavorful bean burgers. Good thing we liked them, because I made a double recipe which will be four dinners for our family. At 22 cents a pop, they sure do make Boca Burgers seem like something we won’t need to buy for a very long time.

And holy crap, BAKED ONION RINGS! Those were the highlight of the meal. Maybe not as good as the real deal, but unbelievably close. Thanks, Martha.


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an indulgent dinner and dessert

After spending an entire day nursing a headache and the nausea that was probably the result of taking pain relievers on an empty stomach, I convinced Jess to make this for dinner:

Potato, cheese, & ale soup garnished with more cheese and crushed up pretzels.

It wasn’t hard to convince her, since the recipe was made up of several of our favorite things. Beer! Cheese! Potatoes! Smoked Paprika! It was her own fault for leaving this blog up on my laptop. I started looking through the recipes, and despite my rather intense nausea I started to get really, really hungry.

We went with Newcastle Brown Ale and the only change was to use a little more potato. In fact, I just made up another batch today and used even more potato. We like our soup thick around here.

This magical dinner + a little caffeine and my 24-hour headache finally started to fade away. So I was inspired to make dessert. Dessert pizza, in fact. This is a little funny if you’ve ever heard me launch into a tirade against the atrocity of dessert pizza. But here I was all headachey, watching a billion episodes of Rescue Me on Netflix streaming. Also kind of funny – the 911 dispatcher watching a show about firefighters on her day off. Anyway, Lou was eating a dessert pizza with chocolate and marshmallow on top. Somehow I decided that we had to make this, only using Nutella in place of chocolate and mascarpone in place of marshmallow. Because I guess we’re just fancy like that.

And yes, this was freaking delicious.

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