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Hunger Games food round-up

It’s no secret that our family is a little obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy. The movie version opens this week, and I would guess that probably a full fifty percent of my waking hours are devoted to thinking about the Hunger Games. Krista wrangled up a collection of Hunger Games-inspired food for your District 12 parties this week.

Photo via Instructables user thatgirlwithacurl

We are in love with this step-by-step instructable for District 12 Coal Cookies! We might just be packing these for the midnight screening!

Check out The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook if you need 150 recipes to get you started.

Photo via San Jose Mercury News

A reader submitted feast for ‘Hunger Games’ enthusiasts from the San Jose Mercury News.

Photo via The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post’s Kitchen Daily collection of ‘Hunger Games’ recipes, including apple-goat cheese tarts a la Mellark’s Bakery.

Photo via Fictional Food

Fictional Food has a ton of Hunger Games recipes. The blogger goes by the name Greasy Sae, after all. What a cool idea – a blog entirely of food inspired by books, television, movies, and such.

Photo via Lizy B Bakes

Lizy B Bakes shares her method for these works of art here.

So what kind of snacks would you pack for a freezing cold midnight showing of the Hunger Games? May the odds be ever in your favor, and may the moviemakers not destroy all of our hopes and expectations with this movie!


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oat straw tea and ginger pie

Once in a great while an opportunity arises to see Harold & Maude on the big screen, and every single time I can’t make it. So this week I took a few hours off work so I could finally see one of my all-time favorites at our local theater.

There are too many wonderful things about this movie to list, like Harold’s devious face after another fantastic mock suicide.

Harold drives an old hearse and Maude lives in a rail car house. I think I’d rather have a rail car guest house parked outside, but this 1957 side loader hearse I found on Craigslist is pretty great. The hearse pictured above is a 1959 Cadillac.

Next time we watch the movie, I hope we have time to make a day of it. First, we need some of Maude’s oat straw tea.

Photo via Featherheart Trading Co.

Thanks to the miracle of Etsy, you can buy an organic Harold & Maude oat straw tea with cardamom and cinnamon. You don’t really hear about oat straw tea, but apparently it has all kinds of health benefits.

Photo via Serious Eats

Next we need some of Maude’s ginger pie. This is also not a pie you really hear about. You could try this ginger custard pumpkin pie. For a true ginger pie, Matthew Rowley’s recipe was cooked up when he discovered it isn’t so easy to just dig up a ginger pie recipe when Harold & Maude makes you hungry for one.

While I’m baking I can pull out the old Cat Stevens records. Or maybe I can buy his Gold album on mp3 so I can belt out the Harold & Maude anthem If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out.

True story: in high school I had an English teacher who was also a football and wrestling coach. He was a gigantically tall man who wore those 90s Zubaz intensely patterned pants. He made us watch Vision Quest and other movies about coaches and sports teams. And we had to do a presentation where we each showed a movie to the class. I made my class watch Harold & Maude.

I did manage to resist the urge to buy these Harold & Maude finger puppets from the Cake Spy store in Seattle. These inspire all kinds of Harold & Maude crafts that could happen. I’m thinking Harold paper dolls with different outfits, like a hari kari Harold with a necktie, mat, and tantō. Now if only I had time to set aside an entire day. Someday this will happen!


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this is one for the chicken scrapbook

You may recall we named all five of our chickens after characters from Cry-Baby. The John Waters film Cry-Baby. If you don’t remember, that’s okay. I can remind you.

Exhibit A:

L-R: Johnny Depp as Cry-Baby Walker, our chicken Cry-Baby Walker

Exhibit B:

L-R: Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski in the movie, our Hatchet-Face

We didn’t do half-bad considering they were adorable little balls of fluff when the names were doled out. Now look what our friend went and did.

That would be my very favorite photo I’ve taken of Levi with the chickens autographed by John Waters himself. Oh my god.

Jess once got to meet John Waters, but I’m pretty sure this is cooler.

Thanks, Anna.


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Springtime in WA

I hope the spring is treating everyone well. We are having a great time in Olympia, enjoying our backyard as much as our local region. The farmer’s market is open, everything is blooming, and some days, it gets to be 70 degrees.

Saturday night, we drove up to Auburn for a very special experience – the drive-in movies! Both Levi & Jess had never been to the drive-in before, and Krista hadn’t gone in at least a decade, so we really enjoyed ourselves. We all had a great time, and plan on visiting more drive-ins in the western Washington region. We ate delicious Vietnamese food in Tacoma before the movies, but double features are SO LONG! We had to snack on some nachos. You have to wait until it’s dark before they start the movies, and then the two movies, well… I’m so glad we all took naps in the day, because it was a Late Night!

The Drive-In is cool! You tune your car to the right radio station, hook up a wire to your car’s antenna, and then it broadcasts the movie into your car’s speakers. The whole experience is kind of like a time warp. Check out the bathroom wallpaper (below).

Next time, I think we should take lawn chairs, some blankets, and snacks.

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