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monkey bread for brunch

Good friends coming over for brunch is the perfect excuse to try that recipe you’ve been dying to try. For me that would be The Kitchn’s Monkey Bread with Bourbon Crème Anglaise.

I don’t think I’ve had monkey bread since I was a kid. I remember my aunt making a recipe that includes instant butterscotch pudding. This is a little labor intensive, but the beauty is that most of the work happens the night before. In the morning you just take it out of the fridge to rise for an hour and then bake. You can time it perfectly.

As if monkey bread isn’t magical enough, this recipe includes crème anglaise for dipping. Of course we decided to serve it in (what else?): mason jars.

Since bourbon is my favorite, I added a little extra. I also used some of my stash of vanilla bean in place of extract. I’d never made crème anglaise before. It is divine.

I recommend the recipe highly. Monkey bread is sort of like cinnamon rolls and donut holes had a baby. I will probably be making this for many brunches to come.

What are your favorite brunch recipes? I think I need to attempt a souffle next.


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