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day two

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $3.64 yesterday, January 3, 2011.


pumpkin & caramelized banana baked oatmeal again, we have 3 days worth $0.37


shahi paneer over a cup of brown rice $1.56
1/2 cup peas (frozen) $0.10


seitan mole chili $1.30
leftover red onion, crema, and cheddar cheese toppings (freebie)

dilly beans (freebie from our home canned goods)


banana $0.25
handful of leftover pretzels (freebie)
leftover coffee with ¼ cup almond milk $0.06

– Hmmm, I’m thinking we didn’t eat enough food for the day. Ultimately we want to calculate nutrition on sparkpeople.com, but we already have a lot to log and calculate for now.
– We’re not off to a great start on day 3 since it appears Levi ran out the door without breakfast, and there is the added challenge of me (Krista) now being on an opposite sleeping schedule from everyone else. However, the oatmeal continues to be a huge hit and everyone agrees it gets a little better each day.

– The seitan mole chile was pretty darn delicious. I adapted a Rachael Ray recipe by substituting a pound of seitan for half the chicken and 2 cans of white beans for the other half. The only freebie ingredients besides spices were the onion and garlic, but hey, that’s the last of our onion stockpile.
– Seitan is not something we buy a lot, but it was another Grocery Outlet score. I found 8oz packages for $1.79 each. Anyone else have an outlet grocery store nearby?
– I discovered my favorite Rapunzel brand vegan bouillon cubes are pricier than I realized at 40 cents a cube. I don’t think I’ll switch back to using the cheaper bulk broth powder that always ends up dried out, and I really hate buying liquid broth that is expensive and puts a lot of packaging in landfills.
– The dilly beans were not exactly a good complement to the chili but Rachael Ray suggested pickled veggies and that was what we had. On their own they are amazing. The one pictured earlier is not actually levitating, but being snatched by our 14 year-old pickle addict.

I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll wake up with plenty of time to make it to produce happy hour at our local Thriftway. It’s a once a week situation.



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