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You can add marmalade to the list of “things I didn’t like as a kid but turns out they are pretty great.” Eh, maybe that list needs a better title, but you get the point. Although, I’m pretty sure that when I was a kid nobody ever gave me marmalade quite like this. Jess found a recipe from Tea & Cookies for Meyer Lemon Vanilla Bean Marmalade, and she knew I would be on board based on the two main ingredients.

Oh my god, look at those lemons!

Preserves this fancy deserve handmade labels, I’m thinking.

And the tiny flecks of vanilla, oh yes. This stuff is as good as it looks.

Since we try not to eat a ton of bread, our favorite use for jams, jellies, and now marmalades is to sweeten up plain yogurt. Although I’m thinking we may have to make some biscuits or scones ASAP.

We learned a valuable lesson while making this. Use old pectin at your own risk. After the first run through we had to open them all up, dump them back in the pot and try, try again. It was kind of a pain, but as they say:

I’m in love with this print from Bold & Noble on Etsy, but before I can buy it I have to buy another print I’ve been coveting for several months.

If you want to try this without the canning, try the recipe it is based on from Bon Appétit. And if you do, please report back!


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the little Meyer lemon that could

I have been eyeing dwarf citrus trees for a couple years, not sure I could even keep one alive inside the house in our climate. Finally this year when we were seed potato shopping I came across some little Meyer lemon trees and Jess convinced me to just go for it.

It mostly sits in our bay window on a cute vintage stand we found for cheap. The thing has barely even made it outside for many field trips to sun itself out there with the dogs, and yet something is happening.

It’s making teeny, tiny Meyer lemons.

It’s making a whole lot of them. We still have a long way to go, but this is encouraging!


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