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day twenty-six

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $3.75 yesterday, January 27, 2011.


multigrain waffle $0.31
2 tablespoons maple syrup $0.15
banana $0.25


tempeh curry $0.66
1/2 cup cooked quinoa $0.18


Big-Hearted Macaroni & Cheese with Artichokes $1.21
1-1/4 cups broccoli $0.32


3 peanut butter no bake cookies $0.21
1/3 cup almond milk (with coffee) $0.08
Fuji apple $0.38

total $3.75

Part of our idea of eating “healthy” on $5 a day is that we are trying to mostly eat whole grains. We haven’t completely eliminated white bread and pasta, but we’re trying to make it something we eat only occasionally. I love pasta. Who doesn’t love pasta? And homemade macaroni and cheese is a major weakness. So I was intrigued by this recipe for
Big-Hearted Macaroni & Cheese with Artichokes.

Sure, we’re eating pasta, but instead of a ton of cheese and a roux of flour and butter, it uses silken tofu, skim milk, and only an ounce of cheese per serving. I think the addition of artichoke hearts is what really sucked me in. The verdict? It really hit the spot. It does not compare it to decadent homemade mac & cheese, but it was a delicious “healthier” casserole. And I feel inspired to try to come up with some healthier recipes that feature whole grains. Hmm.

We divided the recipe into 8 portions for only $1.21 each, and only had one freebie ingredient: free organic non-fat milk!

I use non-dairy milk for just about everything. Macaroni and cheese is an exception. Something about the sweetness of even plain soy milk makes it taste off. So we got to use one of the coupons from our $20 local coupon book. It doesn’t take long to make back the $20 when you use it toward $5.29 for a half-gallon of organic milk. Holy crap!

I dunno why that receipt says 2% milk. It was non-fat milk. There was no 1% option at that particular store. I’m no expert on this dairy milk thing.


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