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Dispatches from Olympia

Forget April Showers. We are specializing in HAIL this year. Being pelted by hail for the last three days has had a very strange affect on me. I feel like I am constantly at risk of attack from above! The trade-off has been some ethereal sunrises.

I am trying to convince Krista that we should turn one of the trees in our front yard into a snag because snags are an important part of forest ecology, and technically our yard would be a forest if, you know, they didn’t build a town here. While I could make the case that urban snags are ecologically critical, and I would be right, I really think that a deliberate snag in our yard would be an amazing architectural form. Krista is not terribly resistant to this plan, and I think that 1 or 2 visits to deliberate urban snags around town would convince her. I mean, snags are like the new garden gnome, right? They should be. Here’s an example of one I spotted on a garden tour of Olympia in a recent naturescaping class (for my Master Gardener training).


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