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if life is a game, i win

I know everyone probably (hopefully) loves their spouse, but it’s hard to believe that I’m not the most spoiled, pampered, indulged person. First, when we were discussing the garden, Krista said to me, “Just buy whatever seeds you want. We can grow whatever you want. It’s better to have too many seeds.” Do you know what that sounds like to a person who reads seed catalogs for fun? All I could say was, I totally agree and I totally love you.

Then, Krista took it upon herself to learn how to use power tools – table saws, circular saws, drills and other tools I probably don’t even know about – to make a raised bed for our garden. I came home from work and found it in the driveway. And she still had 10 fingers! Then, she built some more.

Isn’t it beautiful?? And you should see how cute she looks in her safety goggles. The beds are all 8′ long, and today Krista measured out all of my seed packets on top of one bed. Seed packages, asparagus crowns, rhubarb roots, and seed potatoes. It’s a little ridiculous that there are more than 8 feet of seed packets in my house, but I’m so thrilled by the seeds we chose.

So, these are the first photos of our 2010 garden. Baby photos, or, like, embryo photos of the garden. I really hope I’m done buying seeds and stuff now. Well, mostly done. You know how it goes.

While Krista may have been a little surprised at the volume of seeds we own now, she didn’t miss a beat. Her reaction was to build a muppet face out of the rhubarb root, an asparagus crown, and a few seed potatoes. This is the sort of thing that affirms your belief in the awesomeness of your marriage. It’s like always being on the winningest team.


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Santa! Don’t pass us by!

First and foremost, Happy Solstice to all of you. We’re not really solstice-celebrating people, but I am SO EXCITED about the lengthening days. I got really emotional about solstice this year. I don’t know if it’s because we’re so far north I can practically see Santa’s workshop from my house (in the same way that Ms. Palin can see Russia), or if it’s because I am working full time (which I was not last winter), but this winter seems hella dark. Like, when I walk to the parking lot after work, the moon is up. How is that even possible??? Come back, Sun. I need you and your UV rays. So, happy solstice everybody.

We do celebrate the Christmas around here, though. We even drank this weird JULMUST soda from another country. It’s made with hops and barely, so it takes like alcohol, but it is totally non-alcoholic. (side story: Levi did a project on JUL (pronounced YOOL, apparently, who would have guessed? not me.) for school. He baked like 6 dozen ginger snaps for his school celebration, and let me tell you, those ginger snaps were delicious. We got to sample cookies, he got to learn about another culture, everybody wins.) So We drank the non-alcoholic JULMUST. However, do you know what’s NOT non-alcoholic?

These are the pecan pralines that Martha Stewart I mean Krista made. Secret Ingredient:

Santa’s little helpers have been busy in our kitchen, and we’ve been delivering special little parcels of delicious treats to our friends around town. More about our recent baked goods & candy t-o-m-o-r-r-o-w!!!


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