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under the bed storage drawers

Awhile back we got a new bed. Headboard, frame, mattress – the works. It was (and still is) pretty luxurious after a long time with a falling apart frame that was the wrong size for our room. The leftover pieces of pine from the old bed frame were so much prettier than the stuff from the hardware store, I couldn’t throw them away. Instead I turned them into something we needed: storage drawers to go under the bed. These simple wooden boxes on casters have proven to be very useful in our little house in need of places to tuck things away.


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Ikea’s Jam Factory Kitchen: When Can I Move In?

Our list of perpetual projects includes a kitchen remodel someday. I collect images of inspiration constantly, but yesterday Ikea posted the best kitchen on the Swedish Ikea blog. They call it Jam Factory. Everything I know about this kitchen is based on the Google Chrome translation from Swedish to English, so be gentle.

This kitchen has a lot of work space and a lot of storage space. There is plenty of room for a few stock pots. There are lots of shelves to store your jammed treasures and several baskets of lemons and limes. There are fresh herbs within an arm’s reach so you can tarragon your cherry preserves or basil up your strawberry marmalade. Over the island, they hung good lighting, which comes in handy if you find yourself hulling strawberries in the wee hours of the morning. There is a scale to measure your ingredients by weight, of course. I spotted a jelly bag draining on a shelf and at least nine different kinds of large metal spoons. I only hope there is a commercial stove just out of the photo’s frame with six big burners on so you can process everything at once and an oven so you can bake enough bread to eat all the jam. See more photos of the jam factory & links to all the Ikea pieces you need to build your own here. We were in no way compensated by Ikea for this post.

Photo: Carl Kleiner for Ikea


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Did you know that it snowed in Olympia on Sunday? Yes, it did. My coworkers tell me that it did not snow in Seattle, but it snowed most of the day in Olympia. The roads were pretty treacherous, but we did get to see our house in the snow for the first time ever.

And I was also reminded of how very, very much tiny dogs hate the snow. Cash has been wearing his new sweater, which was purchased locally and handmade from organic wool. Clementine, however, refuses to wear any sweaters, even if they are organic, handmade wool. So she’s very cold.

Speaking of people who refuse to dress weather-appropriately, Levi insists that wearing a blazer is good enough for wintertime temperatures. He is quick to point out that winter does not even technically start until December 21, and a blazer is perfectly adequate for the fall. Fortunately, the snow melted the next morning and heavy rains set in, and a blazer is adequate for that.


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Wee House

Krista found this small wooden sign at the Lighthouse Antique Mall in Olympia, and both of us instantly thought “OH! We need that!” It is nestled between an old toy typewriter & one of our many favorite pictures of Levi. We don’t have a truly tiny house, but it often feels wee. Especially when there’s a cat-dog tornado tearing through the place….

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exit night enter light

OH GLORIOUS DAY! We’ve killed all the cardboard boxes in the living room & kitchen, so now there’s a little space/time to “cute up” the place. Getting through the cardboard has been a challenge – we’ve divided it into “good reusable boxes” that we plan to give to someone in need of cardboard boxes, and “end of the line boxes” that are then further divided into boxes for the compost pile and boxes for the recycling bin. Good thing we’re staying in this house for a while, because the cardboard guilt is a little overwhelming! Yes, it’s the year 2009 and you have to think about the carbon footprint of your cardboard moving boxes. We reused some friends’ boxes, so many of them were already on their 2nd or 3rd or 4th life. I discovered something interesting, too. Using sheets of cardboard on top of the worm bins and the compost bin has resulted in total annihilation of all flies and pests around our compost areas. The cardboard breaks down and you can just work it into the pile. (but, from experience, don’t forget to remove all the tape and staples first!)

Anyway, enough compost nerdery. We’ve been working on our home. Here’s a photo of our entryway during our home inspection (Featuring our beloved Home Inspector)

And Krista has had a nice weekend of free time to work on the house, so here’s the entryway I come home to after work these days. This tableau includes my latest obsession: a vintage paint by number portrait of two standard black poodles. I can’t explain why I’m so obsessed with this painting, but it shows up in my dreams! Seriously! I spent a year debating whether or not to buy it from a local antique mall, and finally Krista said “JUST DO IT!”

We also have a fantastic print (“Space Garden”) from Apak!’s etsy shop and two vintage needlepoint gnomes from an antique mall in south Tacoma with a mysteriously large gnome population. Oh, you want to see the gnomes more closely? Fantastic! Because I want to show them to you.

Perhaps someday soon we will take some photos of our living space, and the beautiful giant empty space in the middle of the room that used to be filled with unpacked boxes. We have so much to be thankful for this year!

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you should see my new house

We decided to buy a house. We shopped, intensely, forever. Then, we found it. We spent weeks waiting, worried every day. But the homebuying process just kept moving forward. No one makes any money if you don’t close, so the pressure is on every piece of the machine to get you into that house. It seemed very sudden; we had a date at this crazy building.

We signed a lot of papers, and suddenly we had a mortgage. I mean, it was a LOT of papers. It’s a LOT of mortgage, too.

We painted for two solid days. Actually, Krista painted mostly. I taped the edges, packed our old house, and cleaned and cleaned. We packed so many boxes. It felt like a billion. Our very sweet family and friends helped us fill up a 17′ uhaul (three times!) and move everything across town. I am forever indebted to you all, and I encourage all of you to buy a house so we can help you move. Especially if it means I can drive the u-haul. I took some pictures of people moving, but I don’t know if it’s very nice to post them without permission from everyone. I unfortunately missed the picture of Levi hauling the dryer into the u-haul (with isaac’s help, but mostly on his own). I really don’t like moving anymore. I’ve decided we’re staying here for a very, very long time.


partway done

We still aren’t done painting, so I don’t have any nice room pictures to show you. Actually, the whole house is mostly full of moving boxes, so I am not posting any other pictures. The cats & dogs are having the time of their lives, Levi has made an “office” out of his closet, and no one can really find everything they need in the kitchen. I am working on getting our compost bins set up before winter sets in, and the ground cherries are still coming in droves.

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