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Hunger Games food round-up

It’s no secret that our family is a little obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy. The movie version opens this week, and I would guess that probably a full fifty percent of my waking hours are devoted to thinking about the Hunger Games. Krista wrangled up a collection of Hunger Games-inspired food for your District 12 parties this week.

Photo via Instructables user thatgirlwithacurl

We are in love with this step-by-step instructable for District 12 Coal Cookies! We might just be packing these for the midnight screening!

Check out The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook if you need 150 recipes to get you started.

Photo via San Jose Mercury News

A reader submitted feast for ‘Hunger Games’ enthusiasts from the San Jose Mercury News.

Photo via The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post’s Kitchen Daily collection of ‘Hunger Games’ recipes, including apple-goat cheese tarts a la Mellark’s Bakery.

Photo via Fictional Food

Fictional Food has a ton of Hunger Games recipes. The blogger goes by the name Greasy Sae, after all. What a cool idea – a blog entirely of food inspired by books, television, movies, and such.

Photo via Lizy B Bakes

Lizy B Bakes shares her method for these works of art here.

So what kind of snacks would you pack for a freezing cold midnight showing of the Hunger Games? May the odds be ever in your favor, and may the moviemakers not destroy all of our hopes and expectations with this movie!


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this is one for the chicken scrapbook

You may recall we named all five of our chickens after characters from Cry-Baby. The John Waters film Cry-Baby. If you don’t remember, that’s okay. I can remind you.

Exhibit A:

L-R: Johnny Depp as Cry-Baby Walker, our chicken Cry-Baby Walker

Exhibit B:

L-R: Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski in the movie, our Hatchet-Face

We didn’t do half-bad considering they were adorable little balls of fluff when the names were doled out. Now look what our friend went and did.

That would be my very favorite photo I’ve taken of Levi with the chickens autographed by John Waters himself. Oh my god.

Jess once got to meet John Waters, but I’m pretty sure this is cooler.

Thanks, Anna.


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