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under the bed storage drawers

Awhile back we got a new bed. Headboard, frame, mattress – the works. It was (and still is) pretty luxurious after a long time with a falling apart frame that was the wrong size for our room. The leftover pieces of pine from the old bed frame were so much prettier than the stuff from the hardware store, I couldn’t throw them away. Instead I turned them into something we needed: storage drawers to go under the bed. These simple wooden boxes on casters have proven to be very useful in our little house in need of places to tuck things away.


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design-inspired cookies

Jess and I both gasped when we saw one of our favorite design trends on a cookie: CHEVRON!

Check out these chevron-striped cookies from The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle.

(Photo by The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle)

You know, this could save me a ton of money if I focus on putting some of these design trends we are obsessed with on baked goods instead of around the house.

Be sure to see the list of links on the bottom of her Pinterest inspired cookie post. There are more cookies to “ooh” and “ahh” over, including MUSTACHE COOKIES. Amazing!

And if you’re not on Pinterest yet, you should be! I see something wonderful on there everyday. Organize the gorgeous and inspirational stuff you find online.


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