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dandelion for dinner

It’s week two of challenging ourselves to eat more local foods. We’re not trying to make entirely local meals (yet!). The idea is to pick 3 local ingredients and make something new for dinner. The hope is that we’ll try some new foods and figure out new ways to eat the old ones.

This week Jess grabbed dandelion greens, green garlic, and sunflower sprouts at the farmer’s market.

I had never eaten any of these foods. This is eye opening. I eat stuff like pineapple and mango all the time, but dandelion greens and sunflower sprouts are exotic to me. How cool would it be if we could learn to like eating dandelion? Our yard is full of it, although Jess is quick to point out that once it has flowered it would taste pretty bad.

I have never tried a sprout I didn’t like. The sprouts had to go in a salad, and I thought it would be appropriate to pair them with sunflower seeds. From there I added green leaf lettuce, red cabbage, shredded carrot, and tomatoes. And it seemed like homemade dressing was in order, so I tried Martha Stewart’s avocado dressing.

Homemade dressing tastes so much better than most crap from a bottle, and it is never as big a pain as I think it will be. And wow, avocado sure makes for a creamy vegan dressing. Nice to know. Jess declared that if she had a dream of the most perfect salad dressing, this would be it.

Even though I always turn my nose up at the idea of spinach pesto, I decided to try out a dandelion green pesto. And might as well throw the green garlic in there too. Green garlic is just young garlic that sort of looks like green onions. It tastes a lot milder than garlic, so I was able to put a fair amount in there. And as long as we’re mixing it up, I decided to go for pistachios instead of pine nuts.

3 cups dandelion greens
6 green garlic stalks
1/4 cup pistachios
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup parmesan

This was pretty terrific, but I could tell if I pushed the dandelion any further it would have been too bitter. I think the other ingredients saved it, so I’m not entirely sold on dandelion greens just yet. I was a huge fan of the green garlic. I’d try to kick it up in this recipe and see how much I could add without getting too much bite. I might be sprinkling these on a lot of food in the near future.

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