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this is one for the chicken scrapbook

You may recall we named all five of our chickens after characters from Cry-Baby. The John Waters film Cry-Baby. If you don’t remember, that’s okay. I can remind you.

Exhibit A:

L-R: Johnny Depp as Cry-Baby Walker, our chicken Cry-Baby Walker

Exhibit B:

L-R: Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski in the movie, our Hatchet-Face

We didn’t do half-bad considering they were adorable little balls of fluff when the names were doled out. Now look what our friend went and did.

That would be my very favorite photo I’ve taken of Levi with the chickens autographed by John Waters himself. Oh my god.

Jess once got to meet John Waters, but I’m pretty sure this is cooler.

Thanks, Anna.


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project, interrupted

Sorry for the abrupt end to the daily chicken photos. The other day, while I was uploading the daily shots of the little ladies my computer abruptly crashed. I had day 12 photos of:



and Ramona

I really love this shot of Ramona’s wing.

I really HATE having a project interrupted. The daily momentum keeps me going, which is why a lot of our projects are daily ones ($5/person/day and 31 recipes in 31 days). And sure, I could have kept on photographing until I had my computer situation worked out, but I was pretty upset and could only focus on trying to save the year’s worth of photos I had never backed up (which included half of our spring break trip photos and all the videos I hadn’t uploaded anywhere at all).

Long story short, my hard drive and photos and a lot of of other documents are gone. Trying to focus on the positive:

– I replaced the hard drive myself and fixed my laptop for only $80
– I’m trying out Ubuntu and freeing myself of Windows for awhile
– Jess and I both got new Android phones (matching G2X’s) and are crazy about them
– I think the chicks’ development has slowed enough that it is time to do photos 2-3 times a week anyway

And most importantly, little Hatchet-Face is still alive. You needed a Hatchy update, right?

Yesterday while we visited our next door neighbors and their new, full grown hens, I had pretty much given up on Hatchet-Face. She has been a lot more lively looking, but just didn’t seem to be feeding herself much. We can’t force feed her forever, so I was starting to think we were just prolonging the inevitable.

And then we went home and I went to force feed her some cooked egg yolk. And then something amazing happened. She started to scarf it down on her own. She has shown so little interest in food lately, that was incredible. And then she was in the brooder, fighting with her sisters over a worm, chasing them and running away from them with gusto. She has gained some weight, but not as much as the rest of them. I’m hoping at this point that she is a bantam (miniature), and she had some kind of bug but will recover.

Pepper and little Hatchet-Face.

Stay tuned for their TWO WEEK OLD photos and their first field trip to the great outdoors!


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cast of characters

That’s Mr. Baby to you.

Why yes, we did name all of our chicks after characters from a John Waters movie. Please suggest coop names ASAP.


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