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Healthy eating on a budget

Since some of our readers are new (Hello new readers!), I added a page to the blog with an index to one of our favorite projects from January 2011. After helping Levi come up with a cheap grocery budget for health class inspired us, we decided to limit our food budget to $5 per-person, per-day as a month long January challenge.

You can now access an index of the day-by-day posts up at the top of the blog next to the “About” page link. Or if you don’t want to scroll up click here.

We still make many of the dishes we came up with during that challenge, and reminisce about how well we ate during that month.

day seven: hulled barley, pico de gallo, avocado, and a poached egg breakfast for 60 cents per serving

day ten: banana & steel cut oatmeal brulee for 22 cents per serving

day fourteen: baked eggs with grape tomatoes & feta for 86 cents per serving

day nineteen: veggie breakfast pizza for dinner $2.10 for 1/3 a pizza

Each day we posted all the food we ate and broke down the cost of different recipes. If you missed it, go check it out!


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