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half of an epic celebratory weekend

Once upon a time this blog was about how we ran off to Canada and eloped. Wednesday will mark three years since that happened.

three years married!

We also have Jess’ birthday to celebrate the day before, so we usually try to make a fabulous weekend of it. Last year we took a road trip on the coast. This year we kind of casually picked a few things that sounded fun without a ton of planning and somehow managed to have the best weekend I can remember.

Since we made reservations for an eight course vegetarian dinner at Tilth in Seattle, I proposed a lunch of nothing but milkshakes and Jess obliged.

We simultaneously came up with the genius idea of trying a salted caramel milkshake at Molly Moon, because that is how our marriage seems to work. And you guys, holy crap.

I have since decided that this will be my birthday present to myself come September, as well as my last meal if I ever get the death penalty. I know salted caramel was on trend like five years ago, but it will never stop being amazing. Salty + sweet = true love forever. I probably won’t need a salted caramel cupcake again because this exists.

We people and boat watched at Gas Works Park, where even the garbage on the ground was romantic.

Then on to Tilth where we planned to go all out and get the Grand Eight Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu. To our surprise there was also an amuse-bouche, so it was more like nine courses plus cocktails and the house made sodas I just had to try.

I won’t bore you with 12 pictures of our dinner, especially since we sat inside so the photos are lighting-challenged. How about some highlights:

the most perfect shot of asparagus soup and a slice of heirloom tomato with preserved lemon and basil

a porcini flan and grilled cauliflower with pickled garlic and truffle oil

sasparilla and rhubarb-ginger soda, served with classy giant ice cubes!

strawberry-rhubarb shortcake with chantilly cream

Everything was so fresh and flavorful and delicious, we ran out of compliments to tell the waitress when she checked on us during each course. And we enjoyed the fanciness of it all. I was overly amused by Jess’ napkin getting refolded for her while she was in the powder room. One time while she was gone the maitre d’ and the waitress each folded it for her. Awesome.

Then we had a gorgeous sunset drive through Seattle before heading off to downtown Tacoma for alchemy drinks at this place we’ve been meaning to try for ages.

1022 South is named after it’s address on J Street in downtown Tacoma. One part old apothecary, one part classy bar, they make fancy cocktails with homemade bitters and botanical infusions.

This was just round one: cherry shrub – rum, tarragon, amaro, cherry balsamic shrub and drunken boat – blackstrap rum, ginger liqueur, house made ginger beer, flamed angostura bitters

I wish I had a video of my drink on fire. Everything tasted amazing, and it lit a fire under us to experiment more with homemade syrups and even shrubs (apparently and aged fruit syrup).

After drinks we ate a caprese plate of tomato, basil, fresh mozarella and balsamic reduction and drank tons of complimentary cucumber water to sober up before driving back to Olympia. I can’t imagine anything more indulgent, but this was just DAY ONE.

More tomorrow, if you can handle it.


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a very special birthday

Today is the birthday of our precious land shark disguised as a chihuahua, our dog-shaped vacuum cleaner, my little squirrel-chasin’, compost-snackin’, foot-warmin’ princess. For her birthday, we spent the day at Grandma’s house, and she probably ate too many treats. Happy birthday, Clementine. I hope your next year is the best yet.

(p.s. we are not the only people who remember/celebrate pet birthdays, right?)

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oh my goodness, I turned 27 yesterday. Krista is so full of surprises, she surprised me with birthday cupcakes from Cupcake Royale in Seattle. We were up in Seattle for the City Chickens Coop Tour, put on by Seattle Tilth. We had such a lovely day, touring backyard chicken coops, eating at Araya’s and picking up our cupcakes. I hope I remember to write about the coop tour very soon, because it was great.

This is a salted caramel cupcake dressed up for my birthday. Salted Caramel!

This is a strawberry cupcake made with 66% local ingredients. i wanted to lick the wrapper. Locavore cupcake! These small strawberry cakes are only available this month. Run, don’t walk to your nearest Cupcake Royale. They have locations all over Seattle. I understand that for some of you, this may involve a vacation to Seattle, but I don’t think you’ll mind.

I already felt so spoiled by Saturday’s activities, so imagine my surprise when Krista woke me up on Sunday with presents, a freshly scrubbed house, and some of my favorite people who came down from Seattle for the vegan brunch Krista was cooking up. We ate chocolate beer waffles, field roast sausages, individual hash browns (made in muffin tins! like hash brown muffins!) and fruit salad featuring rainier cherries. We ate ourselves into a brunch food coma, courtesy of the new VEGAN BRUNCH cookbook that Isa Chandra Moskowitz wrote.

Also, we drank mimosas because, hello? have you met us? we drink mimosas to celebrate everything.

Now that I’ve officially entered my late twenties, we’re going to go have some prune juice for breakfast and see what’s at the antique mall this week.

Today’s our one year anniversary, can you believe it? I want to buy Krista a meyer lemon tree for our anniversary, but I’m having a hell of a time finding a place around Olympia that has one for me. More about our anniversary later. It deserves it’s own post! So, to recap, here are some things I need to write about:
1. the chicken coop tour
2. our backyard jungle i mean garden
3. our anniversary
4. our house hunting

Here’s hoping I can hold myself to this high standard of blogging!

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Birthday Weekend extravaganza

We’re having a major birthday weekend. We celebrated Levi’s 13th with his friends today. He’s going on a big exciting trip with his dad and won’t be around for his actual 13th birthday. Tomorrow, we’re having the Theiss Family birthday celebration – Mike, Bryan, Levi, Josh, Beth, & I all have birthdays in June & July. Ridiculous, right? So…. much ….. cake……

We borrowed the beautiful and historic Capitol Theater, home of the Olympia Film Society in downtown Olympia for Levi’s party.

Isaac, our handy technical consultant and dad, hooked up Levi’s xbox 360 to the projector, so we could play video games on the big, big screen.

Isaac rules & deserves many thanks & congratulations for his tireless service & assistance.

We invited a posse of Levi’s pals, ordered a mountain of pizza from Old School, and provided soda & candy for intermission munchies.

Have you ever seen a movie theater with a only handful of boys, heavily sedated by video games and sprawled across the front row? It’s adorable. Let me show you.

We also had some Nerf dart guns & lazer tag guns to keep boredom at bay. This resulted in several dark “behind the screen” shoot outs.

THE CAKE: Krista ordered an x-box 360 cake from the Celebrity Cake Studio Bakery in Tacoma. They are well-loved for the ridiculously fancy wedding cakes, but stooped to our level for the occasion. Krista & I went to pick up the cake this morning. It was pretty amazing, like a life-sized xbox made from fondant. Krista ordered chocolate cake with boston cream filling (his favorite). Levi said, “You Are So Cool!” It was a cool cake, you have to admit, and also more delicious than I expected. We lit the candles, and Levi blew them out.

Oh, yes, and there was a great deal of boisterous, enthusiastic “Happy Birthday” singing, cake eating, and sugar rushing.



sugar rushing:

You know, I’ve never actually co-hosted a birthday party for a teenage boy before. Yes, this was my first time; could you tell? I think Levi’s birthday was sufficiently celebrated and welcomed. Here’s to a wonderful year! Oh my god, a teenager!!!!


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