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Artist’s Conk

While we were out collecting chanterelles for our pizza the other day, we found several pieces of artist’s conk. This wood-like fungi is so cool looking, and it makes a crackly-crunch when you break it off a tree stump. And then you can take a twig and draw on the light side. Just a light touch and it leaves dark brown lines that are permanent.

We named him Admiral Mushroom.

Or maybe Professor Mushroom. Cap’n Conk?

We are easily amused, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t a bad thing.


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a little bit of Tacoma & Seattle street art

Since we would travel quite a distance to see some good bigfoot art, it seemed poetic that we took a wrong turn when we were in Tacoma the other day and accidentally found him on M St. off South Tacoma Way.

Bigfoot really only makes a cameo appearance in this mural. The real stars are the goats. Goats in neck ties. Goats playing guitar.

Goats pedaling hard up the hill. I love the stenciled background patterns that were used.

And goats reading The News Tribune.

Turns out this mural on South M Street is part of something called the Tacoma Community Based Mural Program. They are letting artists go to town on walls that are frequently tagged. This particular mural was inspired by the working goats who helped clean up Billy Goat Hill. Goats rule. Just don’t tell Jess because I’ve said “no” to goats in our little backyard. Sure, someday if we live on a bigger piece of land I’ll consider it. For now, we have our hands full.

The goat mural was just the beginning of incredible art we came across that day. There was the wall of killer confections at the CakeSpy shop in Seattle.

Well, of course the entire store was full of wonderful things. And then nearby on Pine St. we found this beauty:

Click here to see it big.

Don’t miss the chicken.

These artists are speaking our language, right?

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Seattle community garden with a side of Americana

While we were wandering around Seattle in search of a little roadside Americana, we found two of our favorite things together in one place – a community garden with a backdrop of a roadside relic that has been refurbished.

We went to Oxbow Park to see the old Hat ‘n’ Boots that used to be part of a Western-themed gas station built in the 1950s. I was struck by the beauty of plants growing with the towering hat and boots nearby.

I would love to have something like this around here, but I don’t envy the wait-lists and smaller plot sizes Seattle community gardeners must face.

tomatoes, hat, boots

I also saw my very first artichoke flower.

Kind of a shame not to eat something so delicious, but at least this honey bee got a crack at it.

We soaked up the sun.

I turned 35 this weekend, and can’t recall ever having a birthday so hot. Over 90 degrees in the northwest in September. We’re enjoying it while we can! For more photos from our visit to Oxbow Park, click here.

– Krista


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