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two weeks old

Two weeks ago our chicks were newly hatched, shoved in a box and mailed across the country to Olympia. And here they are, two weeks later. Most of them have doubled in size.

Lenora Frigid demonstrates what a handful they have become.

Ramona Rickettes celebrates by pooping in the light box. They are all very skilled at this trick.

For Hatchet-Face’s trick she demonstrates a couple chick poses: the head tuck…

and the classic baby chick butt

Pepper Walker is such a pretty bird

She stayed still enough for a nice head shot for her portfolio

And Cry-Baby Walker would like to show off the latest trick they’ve all been perfecting

Then we took them on their first trip to the backyard.

We weren’t sure what they would do, so we made sure the three of us were there as chick wranglers. Of course they mostly hung out in a tight-knit little baby chick gang. Unless one of them found an awesome snack, and then they went berserk and chased each other all over the place and played tug o’ war over a worm. Who knew worms could stretch that far? Surprisingly, little Hatchet-Face was the most determined at searching out snacks outside. She devoured a beetle right before our eyes. An aerial shot of the ladies shows her size compared to her sisters:

We’ve been tracking their weight since we started to worry about Hatchy, and the handy Google doc chart shows a hopeful upward trend in her growth:


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