Hatch Watch 2012 Live Stream

Update: The chicks moved out of the incubator to the brooder and you can watch them here.

Your regularly scheduled Jar Lunch is being pre-empted for live streaming of our hatching eggs! We woke up this morning to one pip and lots of peeping. You can hear the little peeps every once in awhile, and us cheering them on. They respond to the sound of our voices sometimes!

As an added bonus, you may hear our dogs Cash and Clementine whining, although I’m trying to convince them to spend some time outside in the sun with the fully formed chickens.


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26 responses to “Hatch Watch 2012 Live Stream

  1. Somer

    That’s what I’m talking about!

  2. Drat, the feed is gone and I missed it!

  3. Somer

    I just heard you and saw one move. Woot Woot!

  4. caitlinena


  5. misterkrista

    #1 just jiggled! It is the one on the left that has a piece of shell on the bottom of the incubator under it (you can’t really see that on the cam).

  6. yay! i heard a pip too.

  7. The suspense is KILLING ME!!!

    • misterkrista

      Me too! It seems like it is going to be awhile, but I am unable to commit to any of the many thiings I have to do except laundry.

  8. caitlinena

    It must be so tiring to try to bust out of a shell like that.

  9. emma r


  10. There they are! Cute little guys. I heard the peeping. Congrats on your new babies. I’ll keep checking back to see when the other three hatch. Super cool.

  11. Very cool; shouldn’t you get the hatched ones out, though? So they can start eating, move around better?

    • misterkrista

      No, we aren’t supposed to open the incubator while any of the eggs are pipped. The other two we expect to hatch are pipped (they have broken a hole in the shell), so opening the incubator could dry them out and they could get stuck in their membranes. The ones that are hatched have eaten the yolk from the egg, so they are good for up to 24 hours. I’m starting to worry about one that has been pipped an awful long time.

  12. They’re so cute! Are there only 3 right now or 4? That one guy is really BIG and FLUFFY!!! He keeps pecking at the incubator like he thinks it’s another layer of egg shell! This is the coolest thing on the internet ever! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

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