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Before heading into the work week, I have learned it is crucial to plan out some dinners and do a big grocery shop. This saves us a ton of time, money, and frustration. I really hate the late evening, “What should we have for dinner?” conversation, and inevitably if we waited until just before dinner to make a plan and go to the store we would end up eating out 3 nights a week.

Since Pinterest came into my life, picking recipes I’ve found online to work into the weekly dinner schedule is so much easier. I used to have this terribly awkward system of bookmark folders for different types of recipes. It just didn’t work. Now I just jump back and forth to different food boards I have organized on Pinterest and wait for something to catch my eye. Currently I only have a handful of food boards. I have them broken down by meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner) or season, and have boards for things I tend to collect a lot of recipes for like eggs or tofu. As the boards grow I tend to re-organize into more specific boards. For example, I’m starting to see the need for a soup board.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally make a new recipe every single day. I aim to make at least one new thing each week. I generally plan between 3 and 5 meals at a time, and I try to make sure at least one of those is something simple and “semi-homemade” like veggie burgers or tacos. I also try to include a more homemade dinner that is an old favorite I know well, like my vegan chipotle corn chowder or one of our favorite chili recipes. I fill in the rest of the week with new or old recipes from Pinterest and cookbooks, and leave room for going out or making something on a whim before planning the next 3-5 dinners.

Part of this week’s dinner schedule. Click to view a PDF.

This week I threw together our meal plan in record time and all 5 of the scheduled dinners were from my Pinterest boards. I thought I’d share. I think we’re going to eat well this week, and it took less than 10 minutes to get it all together and another 10-15 minutes to compile a grocery list. Since we are a family of three, I always try to make dinners that make enough portions to have 1-2 meals worth of leftovers and that is what we take for lunch most days.

Feel free to borrow my dinner schedule template via Google docs!

xoxo Krista


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12 responses to “meal planning with Pinterest

  1. I love your method of meal planning which is something I struggle with. I’m also glad Pinterest is working out for you with great recipes! ;)

  2. That is awesome. I hate to be disorganized, but for some reason I always am ;-). I hope your new system keeps working for you. I’m going over to Pinterest to make my own!

  3. That’s a great idea. I have Pinterest boards for things to make “someday” but never thought to use it for meal planning.

  4. …how bout y’all just share your meal plan each week and i copy it since you are infinitely more organized than me :)
    I am totally making cheddar apple frittata, unless you say it was awful.

  5. Oohhhh…okay. I finally get Pinterest – thank you! I’ve been thinking of it as yet another social networking site to manage but if it can be used to organize my unruly bookmarks list, I’m in. And these recipes you’ve pinned look great. I’m with caitlin!

  6. Elora

    This is strange but… are y’all alright? There’s not been a new post in a while and I think I’m in withdrawal. Plus I’m concerned about you lot, particularly after the snowy power outage escapade. Maybe Pinterest has sucked you in for good? Hope you’re okay!!

    • Yes! We are alive and well! My day job has been keeping me extra busy, sending me out of town for a week for training and then this week taking on a new challenge (teaching). Life has been so hectic neither of us have found the time to post. We should get it together soon, I promise! I feel bad we had you worried!

  7. liza jane

    I’m relieved to hear that all is well. I was a little worried too, and missing my fix of chicken news. Glad all is OK!

  8. Wow I HAVE to get organized on Pinterest – it seems like the next hot thing!

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