mystery feathers

I have a question about chicken feathers. Not when they get all ruffled like Ramona here. I love when they do that. My question is about Pepper Walker.

Chicken experts, please tell us novices – why does my chicken have whiskers on its butt?

None of our other ladies have these sticking out, hair-like feathers. I thought this might be a temporary thing, but they seem to be sticking around.

You know what is not easy to photograph? Tiny hair-sized feathers on your chicken’s butt. They sure enjoyed the glimpse of sunshine we got in the afternoon.


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11 responses to “mystery feathers

  1. This is hilarious! I have no idea myself, but am sending the link to my cousin who has pretty chickens.

  2. Oh I love your pics!! They look to be the age of molting. Chickens molt yearly. If you don’t have it, I would highly recommend Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens. It is the BIBLE of chicken keep. Here is what it says:
    Short day lengths serve as a signal to birds that it’s time to renew plumage in preparatoin for migration and the coming cold weather. Chickens lose and replace their feathers in one year takes place over a period of weeks so a bird never looks naked but some come close. It lasts 14-16 weeks..some birds stop laying during this time. It can also result from disease, stress from weather temps going up or down, new birds, mean roosters, etc.
    Hope that helps!

    • No signs of molting in any of our ladies. I think they were too young still when most of the chickens around here were molting. She’s had these funny feather/hairs for months. But we have checked out that book from the library and you are right – it is a good resource!

  3. Haha! Our barred rock had that before. I am not sure about now. I’ll check and let you know =) Whiskerbutts!

  4. Excuse me, I have to go look at Alec Baldwin’s butt.

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  6. I’m far behind on my blog reader but I’m SO glad I saw this tonight! I needed this laugh more than I can say – and I most especially need an update on Alec Baldwin’s butt. *laughing*

  7. tartarsandteacups

    I stumbled upon this randomly- and so glad I did! I needed the laugh. I love the style of writing!

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