Chickens Disapprove of Snow.

The first snowfall of the season

We can happily say that winter has arrived in Olympia. The weather people are predicting a ridiculous amount of snow in the next twelve hours, which will get annoying quickly. Snowy weather around here is quite funny. Everyone forgets how to drive. The grocery store shelves are stripped bare. I think our county owns two snow plows? It’s a special time.

We took this opportunity to introduce the chickens to snow.

Chickens are like cats. They don’t really like new things. Most of the time, they hate new things. Lenora had a strong reaction to the snow, while Ramona was just stoically offended. Pepper was too busy hunting worms to be photographed.

Cold weather is a good excuse for some snuggling.

And also snowball fights.

Don’t worry, I have really bad aim so I didn’t hit any chickens. I hope you’re enjoying some winter weather, too. Send hot chocolate.




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10 responses to “Chickens Disapprove of Snow.

  1. your hen house is gorgeous. I love you. hope you can continue to enjoy the snow and not get too rattled. supposed to get a little today but I’m freaking out a little about 56 degrees yesterday….

    • thanks, girl. i’ll focus on hot tea and burritos and try to forget to 2ft outside. i would be freaking out about a 56 degree day in Jan in PGH. In Olympia, that happens sometimes b/c of the weird ocean/convergence zones, but Pittsburgh winters are usually consistently freaking cold. How much snow are you expecting?

  2. Did I miss the post when you built your hen house? It’s awesome! Looks like an urban loft for chickens.

  3. Ray

    Your girls are so beautiful!

  4. Laurie

    grand photos, as usual!

  5. You are so cute in your hat!

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