a little chicken update

Freshly washed eggs. Our ladies have muddy feet lately.

I am happy to report that we haven’t had to buy eggs since Lenora first started laying. I keep enough on hand that we have plenty to pull out for an egg heavy recipe when needed. See that brown pointy one in the middle? Pepper finally started laying! Her eggs are a very slightly different shade of brown than Ramona’s. I think the only reason we can tell them apart is she is still new at this and they are on the small side.

It’s about time, Pepper!

It’s cold, grey, and wet out but at least it isn’t freezing. Everything is covered in a layer of wet leaves.

The chickens love the okara we give them sometimes after making soy milk.

I love watching them get messy faces. Usually they wipe their beaks on the ground to clean up. This continues to be funny each and every time.

I tried to get a picture to share, but today they decided to take a different approach – shaking it off.

We are still keeping the ladies locked up when we can’t be outside with them. No luck catching a raccoon at night in the trap we borrowed. At this point I think it is unlikely we will. Our neighbors have had their flock outside free ranging just over the fence and haven’t had any attacks, so perhaps we will get brave and things will go back to normal soon.


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11 responses to “a little chicken update

  1. i want to see pics when you start making souffles!

  2. Unrelated to this post, but I feel compelled to share that the monkey bread is in the fridge, awaiting an early morning bake.

  3. Elora

    So I’ve read some conflicting things about egg storage– on the counter vs. in the fridge, unwashed with the bloom intact vs. washed and pretty– how do y’all come out on the matter?

    • misterkrista

      I’ve read that, too. We have been storing them in the fridge unwashed and washing before we use them. If they are especially gross we wash them and let them dry and then into the fridge. I think I’m too paranoid to leave eggs out even if they are safe. Plus we don’t really have the counter space!

      • Selena

        Did you know that they are much easier to separate when they are at room temperature? Also when they’re a couple days old. You are probably pros at telling how fresh your eggs are…but in case you do want to make a souffle…don’t be intimidated and grease the sides very well. Good luck!

  4. Great pics! I love your blog! Do your own research on egg washing, there are many theories. Personally I trust there is a protective barrier on an unwashed egg. I figure it’s there for a reason?

  5. Thad Curtz

    Google on raccoon territory says – individual raccoon’s form territories, and each “territory may be as small as ten acres or as large as several miles”. I wouldn’t assume that your raccoon or raccoons have gone away.

    • You’re right, they can circle back over a period of days or weeks. We remain vigilant & try not to depend on dumb luck. And I keep setting that trap….

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