and then there were three

Yes, we are going to write a first egg post for each of our darling chickens. Thank you for asking.

This one is a little extra special, though. First of all, it’s blue.

Levi corrected me. Maybe it’s blue-green. That would belong to our Easter Egger, Hatchet-Face. If you read our blog back during the days when our house was full of tiny, baby chicks, perhaps you remember the saga of little Hatchet-Face.

She had some mysterious failure-to-thrive illness that caused her to stop growing when she was only a few days old. We treated her for Coccidiosis just in case, and eventually got her to slowly gain weight by force feeding. One day she perked up and started eating on her own again, but she was half the size of the others for months. I read somewhere that chickens that have a rough start like that may never lay. We prepared ourselves for this hen to be a freeloader for life.

Even if she never made us breakfast, that little character is worth having around. Still, we are glad to have our Easter eggs.

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