Oly Food Swap

Have you heard about the food trend sweeping the nation, FOOD SWAPS?

Contemporary swappers can thank Kate Payne for this trend. Kate’s book, the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, encourages people to host these parties and trade homemade food. We went to the second Olympia Food Swap last night. I attended the first one a few months ago, but we took a lot more stuff to swap this time. The swap itself is a bit overwhelming at first. Everyone’s running around, trading blackberry jam for fudge and beer salsa for homebrew, and it can make you a little dizzy. Once you relax into the chaos, though, it is an organic process and a lot of fun.

We took some preserves from our pantry to trade, but we also made some extra treats just for the swap. Krista made a compound butter with organic butter, honey, orange zest and lavender. And whoa, this stuff is delicious. If butter is your favorite food (you know who you are), you should consider making this. And then eating all of it.

We also packed up the brown butter crispy treats that were such a hit when we made them recently. This time around, Krista dipped half in white chocolate with espresso salt, and half in bittersweet chocolate with sea salt.

We’ve been in love with Martha’s southern pralines since we made them as holiday gifts last year. Everyone seems to appreciate their delicious, bourbon-y charm.

We also made my favorite granola of all time. I make this granola every other week or so. We usually make this recipe with honey, but we made organic cane syrup for this batch and it turned out extra delicious. I hope the granola lovers who took it home appreciate it.

We also took some homemade cola syrup, too. That went fast.

I was impressed and excited by so many things that our fellow swappers brought. It’s certainly nice to diversify our jam and salsa collection, but it’s also exciting to get ideas and inspiration. I really like seeing the food other people can make at home. One of the swappers had homemade rainbow sprinkes for goodness sake. I can say with 100% certainty that the idea of making homemade sprinkles has never crossed my mind before. We’re going to try to feature some of our swapped food in upcoming blog posts to keep the inspiration going.

So, have you gone to a food swap? What was the best thing you brought home? If they are happening in the little town of Olympia, there’s probably one near you. If not, you could organize one. Go forth and swap, and report back!



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12 responses to “Oly Food Swap

  1. I’m curious to know what you received for your swaps! I can’t imagine anything was as beautiful as what you all brought!

  2. Soul Painting

    wish I were more in the “kitchen business”!!
    sounds simply so satisfying <3

  3. I LOVE that you took the cocoa hazelnut granola to a food swap! And I am definitely going to steal the compound butter idea for one of my next swaps. No one had anything like that at our last one.

    • I LOVE that granola and I feel like it’s my sacred duty to share it with everyone. I can’t wait to see how your compound butter turns out. It was much more delicious than I thought it could be.

  4. Yes, would love to see a post on what you swapped! If they’re half as good as what you offered up…inquiring minds must know.

    • We haven’t eaten much of it yet and haven’t had a chance to photograph any of it, but we’re planning to share it on ye olde blog. There was a lot of interesting stuff !

  5. This looks so fun. Unfortunately I haven’t canned/pickled anything and I’m guessing that most of the stuff to swap for isn’t vegan so I’m wondering if it would even be possible for me. I love the idea though and everything you posted looks so great.

    • A surprising amount of the stuff isn’t actually canned, although most of that is vegan (if you’re the kind of vegan that eats white sugar). There are a lot of canned goods, but I have seen things like fresh loaves of bread, crackers, dried mushrooms, kale chips, soup, pies, fresh vegetables from the garden, kombucha scoby’s, different fermented things — you know, pretty much anything you can make at home. One person brought meat pies last time — fortunately they didn’t want to trade with me! It would be fun to organize an all-vegan food swap… Like, bring your fave vegan bread/lasagna/soup/easily-transportable meals/cakes/pies/cookies/etc and swap. I’m sure there are enough creative vegan foodies near you to pull something like that off.

      It is the sort of thing that works best for people without dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences. Ha.

    • I just google-d vegan food swap, and apparently it is already a “thing.” Go find your people!

  6. Sounds like it went fabulous! I am still having trouble finding a real swap in seattle!

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