A second first egg

This may have been more exciting than our very first egg.

Our first brown egg! We’ve been waiting for weeks for another chicken to start laying. I had given up on the idea entirely, thinking maybe they were going to wait until spring.

I believe this egg was courtesy of Ramona, our Speckled Sussex. It had a reddish-brown feather stuck to it. We may not know which eggs belong to Ramona and Pepper for sure until we catch them in the act. Both should be in the light brown family.

Lenora, our White Leghorn has continued to give us a white egg every single day. We haven’t purchased any eggs since, so now we can up our egg intake a little.




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3 responses to “A second first egg

  1. What a beautiful egg! I wish I had chickens so much!

  2. Ray

    Ah, Congrats!!! Your chickens are happy chickens. :)

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