I Heart Eggnog

Perhaps you got an inkling as to my love of all things eggnog when I told you about eggnog popcorn balls. I know some hate it, but my love for eggnog runs deep. When I was a kid we thinned our eggnog with 7-Up. These days my family is all about the organic low-fat eggnog or delicious, vegan Silk Nog. There’s always a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg on top.

This morning Jess went out and got me my first eggnog latte of the year. I was inspired to round-up all the eggnog related recipes I’ve been dying to try.


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11 responses to “I Heart Eggnog

  1. Eggnog! I am a lover of the product, and hadn’t really noticed there is a soy version. I will have to try it since milk and I no longer see eye to eye. Thanks.

    • misterkrista

      Silk Nog is delicious. It is not thick like eggnog but has all the good flavor. It’s been around for ages, but they only have it around the holidays (look in the section where they keep the refrigerated soy milks). I think other brands have eggnog flavored non-dairy milks, but none of the other brands I have tried have been good.

  2. I just posted about eggnog cookies today!
    I’ve made those eggnog cheesecake bars before and they’re really good. However, no one else I know likes cheesecake and many around me don’t like eggnog, so I was stuck with all of them. Not a TERRIBLE problem, but they can be a bit much if you have to eat all of them.

    • misterkrista

      What is wrong with people? Not liking cheesecake or eggnog? Perfect combo, if you ask me.

    • misterkrista

      So I knew you wrote for lots of different things but I never saw Foodie Parent before. I’m curious… do you just blog there for fun and cooking doesn’t fit on your more personal blog or is that a paid gig or ? It looks cool.

      • That’s a blog that a friend started and he asked me to contribute, which I’m happy to do. I would post about cooking and baking on my personal blog sometimes, but I like having a dedicated space for it.

  3. I think boozey, aged eggnog is the ticket! Must give it a try! Thank you for your daily posts! They are a joy to read!

    • misterkrista

      Thanks! You can age that eggnog for as long as a year. I’m wondering if I should put a batch in for next year. It looks really boozey, though!

  4. Got to try those waffles! So simple. Must call eggnog-loving friend and feed them to her.

  5. home made eggnog made me completely rethink eggnog. i love it now. it has to be for a special occasion, but i love it.

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