homemade organic cane syrup

Oh, the sugar dilemma. I don’t want to use the stuff made of genetically-modified corn, but I also kind of resent recipes that use a cup of maple syrup for sweetener. Who can afford a cup of maple syrup? Agave, honey, and brown rice syrup are also pretty spendy, and often change the flavor of what you’re making. The solution? Make your own organic cane syrup at home.

I tested out this cane syrup recipe from The Kitchn. The organic cane sugar we buy in bulk has a little color to it, so our results were a gorgeous golden. There is a very subtle flavor. Upon first taste I immediately thought of cotton candy.

Ours turned out a little too thick, which I am certain was the result of me needing to calibrate my candy thermometer. Click here for a good set of instructions on how to calibrate yours.

We might just own two identical thermometers. Time to finally calibrate and mark which one is which. And yet still I’m dreaming of a perfect digital candy thermometer with a large display that you can set to beep when it reaches the temperature you need. I might still need to calibrate it, but perhaps I wouldn’t have to bend over and squint to read it so much.


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6 responses to “homemade organic cane syrup

  1. Good tip: I am a little uncomfortable using corn syrup. We’ve made homemade simple syrup and brown sugar syrup for years, but I’ve never made invert sugar.

  2. Selena

    We used to make sugar syrup when I worked at the Co-op. Also, for pancakes, we heated maple syrup, added a little water and thickened it slightly with organic corn starch. It stretches the expensive stuff and still gives that gorgeous flav-ah.

    • misterkrista

      That is a clever idea. I will splurge for the real deal for pancakes a lot of the time, it’s just putting cups and cups of it in baked goods that bothers me.

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