DIY holiday gift round-up

It’s that time of year. Time to bust out some of those precious canned goods for holiday gifts, or better yet, make some homemade goods especially for gift giving. As we prepare for a food swap next week and plan for the holidays, I have DIY gifts on the mind. Here are some of the links I’ve been looking at:


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4 responses to “DIY holiday gift round-up

  1. Thanks for that list of diy projects. I really like the ‘bread in a bottle idea’ so pretty and easy. What can be better

  2. i tried making hot chocolate on a stick last year and it failed miserably! i am not sure why… i saw a recent post on thekitchn though that had a similar idea, but the chocolate portion was stuck onto a spoon that had been dipped. so maybe that would be easier for me, personally.

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