eggnog popcorn balls & a Hitchcock double feature

We run around in search of family fun an awful lot. Recently I’ve been thinking about the concept of cheap family dates. Last weekend we ran to Seattle for an exhibit on Horror Film at EMP. We had a ton of fun, but when you’re spending $15 a pop, buying gas, and eating out, suddenly family fun is really expensive.

Rear Window

The three of us have developed a sudden obsession with Alfred Hitchcock. Jess and I got to see Rear Window on the big screen in Portland. It was thrilling to applaud the Hitchcock cameo with a crowd. Randomly, the next week our local theater was showing Dial M for Murder in 3D, complete with a vintage piece of equipment to synchronize two projectors. We let Levi stay up late on a school night and didn’t regret it. Hitchcock films are so suspenseful and clever, and his artful shots at times take your breath away.

I realized we practically have a library of Hitchcock available on Netflix streaming, and even more titles for rent from Amazon. I decided a stay-at-home family date was in order. If we were going to have a proper double feature, we would need popcorn. The stars were aligning perfectly because I’ve been waiting since last year to try this recipe for eggnog popcorn balls.

These do not contain actual eggnog, or even eggs. They do contain a lot of nutmeg and taste delightfully like holiday nog. I made a double batch, and luckily Levi wandered into the kitchen in that way he does once in a blue moon, asking, “What ya making?” followed by, “Can I help?” We had to butter our hands every other time we formed a popcorn ball. It was a sticky mess, but so worth it.

These things are killer. You should make them. And you could even pop your popcorn in the microwave in a brown paper bag like I did yesterday. Despite the sugary mess, the recipe was pretty easy.

So, which Hitchcock films did we pick?

North by Northwest. Perhaps Cary Grant will be our next obsession. And we have always wanted to see Mount Rushmore.

The second was a no-brainer. Psycho, of course.

What have you been doing lately for family fun? Bonus points if you are successfully entertaining teenagers.


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7 responses to “eggnog popcorn balls & a Hitchcock double feature

  1. Frenzy is a really good Hitchcock flick.

  2. Luckily, a couple of years ago, my eldest got into Hitchcock. This gave me the excuse to buy every DVD I could find. So many of them have aged beautifully. My favorite is North by Northwest. I work in advertising and many years ago, we rang some of the magazines that sent in copies to our agency to add Roger Thornhill to the circulation list. They did. Great fun if totally pointless.

  3. Shelley Adler (@FogCItyBees)

    What fun! We tried the microwave popcorn trick tonight. It worked beautifully–thanks so much.

  4. Oh wow do those popcorn balls look amazing.

    As for family fun, I’ve been trying to organize a regular card game. Not poker (I don’t have a poker face) but canasta or bridge or hearts or pinochle. Hours upon hours of fun can be had for the cost of a deck of cards and homemade snax.

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