Thanksgiving for busy people

I love nothing more than cooking an elaborate Thanksgiving meal with the works. That won’t be happening this year, though. The 911 center doesn’t close on holidays, so I will be working my usual 10 hour shift. It’s okay, I love holiday pay, and even though we won’t make it up north to visit the extended family, I will be home early enough to make a few dishes and join some friends for dinner.

Here’s what we’ll be making:

We’ll be the only vegetarians in attendance, so we’re bringing our own Tofurky. We like the simple roast, without the extras. It’s much better with homemade gravy.

Here’s an old picture of my homemade vegan gravy. This recipe has evolved over the years, and I might just have a few tricks up my sleeve. True story: the day Jess and I met I cooked my vegan biscuits and gravy. It’s on my list to write a recipe zine next year that includes this recipe.

Photo via Real Simple

Of course we will also need to bring meat-free stuffing. Last year we tried Real Simple’s Cheddar and Jalapeño Stuffing, and I suspect we’ll be making every year going forward. Italian bread, jalapeños, cheddar cheese, and lager beer – need I say more?

Photo via BHG

I’m dying to try this recipe for Creamy Green Beans with Crispy Shallots from Better Homes and Gardens. Due to time limitations, we’ll be going for the all-American green bean casserole from the recipe on the french fried onion can. I’m hoping we can try the crispy shallot recipe sometime over the holidays. I love a good green bean casserole. It has to be even better from scratch, right?

Photo via Epicurious

And of course I have to bring some pecan pie. I’ll probably be making three of these, one for work and two for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m going to try this recipe from Epicurious, although I’m omitting the orange zest. I already messed up one dessert with orange zest earlier this year.

A few Thanksgiving links

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving full of incredible food. Now I better get to the store before they sell out of pecans!


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6 responses to “Thanksgiving for busy people

  1. I make my own pumpkin pie spice with Vietnamese cinamon as my secret weapon. SO GOOD. I am strongly considering that stuffing….

    • misterkrista

      Ahh, I’ve been meaning to experiment with different varieties of cinnamon. How is it that I never have done that?

      Also, you won’t regret it if you try that stuffing. I am amped to eat it this week.

  2. 911 operator! I don’t think I ever mentioned on Anger Burger that I tried to become a 911 operator in Los Angeles, but was totally turned away and not even told how I could become one. I found out later that it’s actually kind of a secret society in L.A..

    • misterkrista

      Most people have a totally different reaction to finding out that is my job. Almost everyone says, “That sounds so stressful. I could never do that!” Well, if you still have a burning desire to be a 911 dispatcher I can let you know the next time we are hiring.

      • Oh man, I’ve been fascinated with 911 dispatch for years and years – I have this wierd reaction to stress where I get very emotionless and mechanical, so much so that I’ve had several people tell me I should be a EMT or something. I had really put the idea of it ever happening for me to bed after my terrible experience in L.A (it’s a long story, but I was railroaded, lied to, and eventually told that since I wasn’t married to a cop they’d never hire me). AND! So, I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to seem creepy, but your son looks very familiar to me. And after talking to my friend Fraoigh, I realized: you used to come into Dancing Goats when I worked there years ago. And then Fraoigh said that you work with her ex-co-worker’s wife. Next I expect we’ll discover that we’re related.

        In conclusion: I’d appreciate being told if you’re hiring.

        • misterkrista

          I just tried to send a message to you via your blog and I don’t think it went through. Here’s what I said:

          I started to reply to your comment on our blog awhile back and then it was too much typing for my stupid phone keyboard. Then I forgot to go back and do it on the computer. Oh, too much technology.

          Anyway, if you have more questions about the 911 hiring process you can e-mail me. I think it might be awhile before they hire again since we have a group of five that were just hired, but you might be able to call and see if you can come in for the first step which is a computer test.

          And we did used to frequent B&B and Dancing Goats. Your name totally sounds familiar!

          krista dot theiss at gmail

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