catching up: Astoria, Oregon in pictures

Sometimes I’m amazed at all we are able to accomplish, and other times our hectic pace catches up to us. It ain’t easy working more than forty hours a week, parenting, cooking, cleaning, keeping up with animals and hobbies, and squeezing in every last bit of fun we can. And that is the short version of the list. One can only use so many commas. Lately what has suffered most seems to be the cleaning and blogging. We’ve been running all around the Pacific Northwest in search of fun on our weekends as my shift-worker schedule is about to start overlapping the traditional Saturday-Sunday weekend for a awhile. I have one more Sunday off, and then I imagine we will do a lot more staying home, cleaning, cooking, and baking. I think our dear readers can look forward to a lot of posts about soup and baked goods in the near future.

Until then, I wanted to share some photo highlights from our recent weekend in Astoria. We already told you about Talking Tombstones, but we didn’t tell you about a late night walk in the woods at Fort Clatsop, Jess performing a quickie wedding ceremony for our friends on the beach next to the Peter Iredale Shipwreck, amazing beers at Rogue, finally climbing the Astoria Column, and so much more.

These witches were crashed into light poles all over downtown Astoria

from piers 39 & 17 respectively

If you ever have the chance, stop at a Rogue location. We didn’t try the bacon maple as it actually contains bacon, but we tried just about everything else.

the quickie ceremony

Catching the sunset on the beach at Fort Stevens

A ranger led walk in the woods in the dark at the Lewis & Clark Visitor Center at Fort Clatsop.

A foggy view atop the Astoria Column

I was told that bird was a crane but I’m not so sure. Look at it large and tell me.

We caught the last trolley of the day

Since we were the only people on board, we got a personalized tour from the best conductors/tour guides ever.

xo Krista


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3 responses to “catching up: Astoria, Oregon in pictures

  1. jennifer

    hi. did you ever figure out what that bird was? it’s a heron.

    • misterkrista

      Oh funny! I thought it was a heron initially but on of the trolley guys said it was a crane. I was convinced we were both wrong. Thanks!

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