Levi, Lenora, and the Blue Hubbard

I didn’t exactly plan on showing you several shots of the same squash, but somehow I just really enjoyed this series of Levi & our biggest Blue Hubbard. Most of our squashes are just cute little things, so this guy looks like a monstrosity. Apparently these suckers can be up to 40 pounds. Ours is a modest 13-pounder.

Leave it to Lenora to steal the show.


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4 responses to “Levi, Lenora, and the Blue Hubbard

  1. we’re loving Lenora! And now I must try and grow a Blue Hubbard next year :)

  2. My friend is growing these in her garden and they are gigantic. Love the last picture with Lenora!

  3. Lokyra Stone

    That chicken is quite proud of herself. You can tell. Those are awesome photos!

  4. that squash is fantastic. as is the chicken. she really does steal the show! and of course levi is always fantastic!

    for some reason when you said it’s a 13 pounder the first thing that came into my mind is that it’s like a really large newborn. yes, i looked at that squash and was like “it’d be one helluva ring of fire to push that thing out.”

    my mind, it is strange.

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